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5 Netflix Shows To Spice Up Your Life

If you’re in a rut with your life and hoping to add some drama without actually having to deal with the repercussions that come with it, there’s no better way to get that fill than through television shows. They evolve around drama and tragedy that we can become consumed in but get to forget about the minute the show reaches an end. So without further ado, here are five tv shows to add to your Netflix watch list. 

Now you can pop on a show next time you’re bored without having to search through the millions of options offered. The Netflix shows I added to this list are only watchable through the platform, so make sure to sign up or guilt your friends into sending you their login to indulge in the television genius. Have fun, Netflix and chilling.  

Bojack Horseman

I’m typically not a huge fan of animated shows, but Bojack Horseman is a great show to distract you for a mere 30 minutes. It centers around a washed-up Hollywood star that is dealing with the aftermath of having a hit show in the ’90s with nothing substantial in his career to follow it. Unlike any other show I’ve watched, Bojack has an excellent balance between comedy, drama, and animal humor, all making fun of the Hollywood scene. It’s a film major’s dream show.

A big part of the show is half the characters are human and the other half animals. It’s also never explained why, it’s just normalized through the writing, adding a fun spin to the show. The show’s plot also does an outstanding job of spreading light to the anxieties and stress faced in the world of entertainment. Its casual nature leaves you able to watch the show for a quick episode and carry on with your day. So pop this on your Netflix account next time you’re looking for an animated and amusing watch. 


This show stars Debby Ryan as she struggles through high school and the hardships that come with coming of age insecurities. The plot focuses on her character, who was once significantly overweight but by a freak encounter, becomes skinny and popular virtually overnight. She starts competing in pageants in hopes of finding herself through the new title of a beauty queen. But can you ever forget your past if you haven’t dealt with it? 

Her character takes a dark turn in this gossip-worthy television show. It’s a comedy worth adding to your list if you’re interested in girlier content and hardships faced in high school. The episodes are relatively short, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time on Netflix. Plus, there are only a couple of seasons, So if you’re a binge-watcher, you can complete this show relatively quickly.

The End of The F*cking world

This show is for lovers of dark humor. The End of the F*cking worlds surrounds a psychopath, Alex, who has trouble fitting in at school. He starts dating a troubled Alyssa who is looking to escape her turbulent life at home and her mother’s creepy new partner. They become close through Alex’s plan to murder Alyssa as they leave their homes and run away on an adventure. 

The couple soon falls in love in this dramatic and sarcastic show adding another layer of excitement and drama to the tale. I love watching this show when I’m in more of a cynical mood. It is the best show to watch if you’re hoping for an unconventional romance and weird plot lines. So definitely add it to your watch list if you’re a fan of quality sarcastic content or indie-style shows. 

See Also

The Politician

This gem of a show created by Ryan Murphy is one of the most well-done shows I’ve seen in a while. It follows the drama of student-run elections in an ultra-trendy and modern high school in Santa Barbara. It wouldn’t be a Ryan Murphy show without a multitude of plot twists to keep you engaged. It deals with modern-day issues young adults face like sexuality, the pressure of being a student, and trying to reach a high level of success. It plays on the comedy of modern politics and widely conceived notions of being a politician in modern America. Yet it’s set in the perspective of high school students.

He includes in this masterpiece of a show outstanding cinematography, fantastic wardrobe, and aesthetic genius. He is bringing an exciting swing on politics. Not to mention the tremendous cast of actors Netflix hired for this intriguing show. 

Emily in Paris

This light-hearted show is perfect if you’re looking for an upbeat and breezy watch. It includes high energy, killer outfits, and tons of charm. The show follows the main character, Emily, as she gets an incredible opportunity to move to Paris for her marketing firm. Upon arrival, she is faced with the difficulty of living in a place where you have zero knowledge of speaking the language or the culture. She quickly learns the french way of life and slowly starts to adjust to their energy. 

She finds a quirky best friend living in Paris as a Nanny to introduce her to a Parisian social life and has a steamy downstairs beau to make the plot more interesting. It’s the type of show that you know all the issues will be resolved, and the pressure of life takes a back seat to the fun energy. If you’re looking for a Netflix show that won’t take too much out of you emotionally, this show is definitely worth checking out. 

Whether it’s been a long day and you want to sit back and relax to some entertaining content or want something quick and easy to pop on during your lunch break, this list has something for you. If you’re a fan of animated shows or mindlessly good humor, Bojack Horseman should be added to your queue. If you prefer loads of drama and an intriguing look at millennial culture with a pop of modern politics, The Politician is the show for you. Or if you want to be charmed by the city of lights and gorgeous fashion, Emily in Paris is what your life has been missing. I hope this little list helps cure your new show needs. Netflix is waiting, and so is your new favorite show! 

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