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Netflix Shows Every Public Relations Student Should Watch

Netflix Shows Every Public Relations Student Should Watch

Keep reading for popular Netflix shows that every public relations student should watch!

House Of Cards

Ethics, accountability, credibility, and accuracy will get you far in this world of communications, specifically public relations. Honestly, it’s all you’ve got. Never assume. Always do your research and tell the facts. Plus, Underwood and his wife are secretly environmental activists.


Okay, so as students or professionals we don’t always know the answers. That’s when your mentor or colleague comes in. Asking people who know the ropes like this kick-ass team Gibbs, Abby, McGee, Rocky and Mallard, will get you the info you need. It also strengthens your relationships, give and take.

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Always get the job done, but do it ethically. Add some creativity to your strategy like these Gladiators and you’ll be on your way. Judy Smith, the inspiration for Olivia Pope, reminds us that the truth always comes out. “Handle” responsibly.

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