10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing

Forbes recently came out with a list of the 155-best original shows to watch in lockdown. This inspired me to make my own list of Netflix shows I think people should be watching while on lockdown. No, as you can tell by the article title, I will not be doing 155 shows. Who the fuck has time for that shit? No my friends we’re keeping it on my brand for this article short, highly opinionated, little to no research, and an adamancy about me being right. Why listen to an editorial staff at a renowned news service when you can have the opinion of a college student that smokes too much, has a lot of free time on his hands, and watches way too much TV? That being said let’s hop into the list because it’s guaranteed to be a banger. In fact, if you take a recommendation off this list, watch it, and don’t like it, you can have my social security number. Take that Forbes, you idea stealing bastards, step your game up cause ya boi is handing out a social security card backed guarantees on his list. 

10.) Afterlife 

This is a dark comedy. It stars Ricky Gervis who I find extremely funny. The plot follows him after his wife dies of terminal cancer. Before she died, she made videos for him to watch telling him things are going to be alright. It’s got a good set of characters, I think there’s only one season so you could blow through it in an afternoon and I think Forbes had it ranked something like 134th . Absolutely horrendous Forbes, do better. 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing


9.) The End of the Fucking World 

This is a pretty interesting show. I remember finding it at like 11pm one night right when it came out and ended up watching it until 3am. It’s super bingable, just one season long. It’s a cool show because it’s only meant to have one season. It’s good at one season. Not a lot of shows do that, especially if they do well. I did here that the creators of this show made another Netflix original called “I am Not Okay with This” so I might have to check that out. 

8.)   Sex Education 

Next up is Sex Education which I feel like is an underrated show and not a lot of people have ever brought it up to me that they watch it. It reminds me a lot of the 1990’s show “Freaks and Geeks” which is another show about high school and is really well done. Sex Education is funnier than you think it’s going to be, while at the same time has some touching moments. 

7.)  Master of None 

Aziz Ansari stars in his show, Master of none. This show is great. In fact, Forbes ranked it number 1 on their list. Not to say it isn’t a good show, it made my top 10, but it’s not the best thing on Netflix. Really funny, Aziz is fantastic, the other characters are well written and funny, great show not a number 1 type of show though. 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing

6.) American Vandal 

We got another comedy show coming in at number six. This show surprised me with how good it was. It’s a mocumentary shot about different acts of vandalism happening at different high schools each season. I think it’s a super fresh idea, I thought they casted and executed the show really welldefinitely worth the watch if you’re not caught up already. “Documentary Now!” is also a hilarious mocumentary series if you can’t get enough of the genre. 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing

5.) Black Mirror 

Alright Forbes, we gotta have a little chit chat about your ranking system. Because there is no way Black Mirror isn’t in your top 100 shows on Netflix. I’m sorry, but that is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Imagine having the nerve to rank a show like “The Society” over Black Mirror. No offense to “The Society” but you’re not Black Mirror. That’s like saying Semisonic are a better band than the Beatles, it’s simply not true and you sound like an idiot. Black Mirror is the Twilight Zone of this generation. Whoever was responsible for this mix up on the list, can’em.  

4.) Narcos 

Narcos, another mis ranked show by Forbes coming in at 73rd , follows the life of Pablo Escobar the notorious drug lords. Watching the show, you realize just how powerful of a person he was. He basically ran the country of Columbia and became one of the richest men on earth in a short period of time through smuggling cocaine into America. The dude was absolutely ruthless, and the show is fantastic. I would have put “Breaking Bad” on this list but I’m not sure if it’s still on Netflix, plus it’s kind of old and if you haven’t seen it at this point you’re probably not going to watch it now. 

 3.) Love Death and Robots Forbes( 122) 

Love, Death, and Robots is awesome. The show is just a bunch of animated shorts sent in by different people. They’re all just so uniquely different and I’ve never seen another show like it. Maybe I’ve over ranked this show, but for whatever reason I just really liked it. Not a lot of people have seen it to my knowledge, which is a shame cause it’s really well done. 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing

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2.)Big Mouth  

Nick Kroll’s animated show that’s taken the world by storm is brilliant. The show captures the essence of such an awkward period of time in everyone’s life and makes it absolutely hysterical. There’s not much else to be said, if you haven’t watched it, watch it. 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing

1.) Stranger Things 

Number 1 shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. Not to be a mainstream fan boy but calling Stranger Things the best show on Netflix isn’t really a stretch. The show is one of Netflix’s winners and Netflix knows that and are ready to put in any resources necessary to keep this show great. The cast is phenomenal, and the story is compelling. It’s shot in a very dark, but nostalgic way and takes elements from 80’s pop culture to a new level. All that being said Forbes ranked it 44. You can not think Stranger Things is the best, but name 43 shows better than it on Netflix, you can’t. Forbes absolutely abysmal list, get it the fuck together 

10 Netflix Series You Should Be Watching During Social Distancing


Any Shows I missed? Let me know your top 10 Netflix shows in the comments and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. 

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