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8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

As the colder nights draw in. sometimes all you want to do is shut out the world, cuddle up and binge a Netflix series until your heart’s content.

Here’s our top 8 Netflix series to binge hard this fall to kill time and provide that perfect evening entertainment you’re craving.

1. The Big Bang Theory

After recently coming to its conclusion in its twelfth and final season, there’s no better way to kill time this fall than with the laughs and innocence of the big bang theory.

Chances are, you’ve seen a few episodes here and there, but Netflix is offering them in bulk so you can trace the journey of Sheldon Cooper and co. right from the start and savour each cringey and hilarious moment.

2. Peaky Blinders

Season 5 of Peaky Blinders is on the way.

The award-winning BBC drama has a star-studded cast including the likes of Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Adrien Brody, each of whom plays unique and iconic characters battling it out for supremacy in a twentieth-century English gangster society.

Whether you’ve seen it or not before, there’s never been a better time to binge peaky blinders and watch the journey of the Shelby clan as they aim to survive and thrive as a gang in a ruthless cut-throat world of drugs, guns and betrayals.

8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

3. Bodyguard

This unique drama that crosses politics with explosive action scenes was recently acquired by Netflix and might have flewn under your radar.

With only a handful of episodes, this one-off series features the relationship between an English minister and her bodyguard as terrorist forces increasingly threaten her life, making it an intense, binge-worthy show for any drama-lover this fall.

4. Mindhunter

The second season of Mindhunter is landing this august, and with rave reviews, Mindhunter is definitely a Netflix series to binge this fall!

A psychological drama that delves deep into the workings of a true murderer, this show is ideal for the murder-mystery lover and for anyone who’s a fan of dramas set in the past, invoking the thrills needed to liven up your fall evening.

8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

5. Dear White People

Based on a film of the same name, Dear White People will be having its third volume aired this fall making it another ideal binge-watch in preparation.

Touching on race relation issues in North America, college students in this drama-comedy find conflict, love and friendship in another unique Netflix series original that delivers.

6. Orange Is The New Black

A show that has become a Netflix classic, its final ever season has recently dropped, meaning its the perfect time to binge if you’re already a fan or haven’t seen it at all.

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Watch the drama between inmates unfold in a women’s prison in an all-female powerhouse of a show that will have you in stitches and hooked within the first episode.

8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

7. Ozark

If you’re a fan of the all-time classic and Netflix ever-present Breaking Bad, then Ozark is the perfect show to binge this fall if you haven’t already.

Featuring the lives of a family forced into working for a drug cartel leader, the Ozarks present a fertile location for potential escape but also for danger and despair in this gripping drama that has it all.

8. Black Mirror

Its the show that’s got the whole world talking, pushing boundaries and exploring futuristic ideas that equally excite and terrify.

Teeming with creativity and originality, each episode is a new story so the series stay fresh, whilst big-name actors also get in on the act to ensure each one still has intriguing and gripping characters.

Even if you have already seen it, the thrills and originality that black mirror provides still makes it one of the best series to binge-watch this fall regardless, and if you haven’t already… What are you waiting for?

8 Netflix Series To Binge Hard This Fall

Which of these Netflix shows will you be binging this fall? Let us know below!

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