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Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

netflix, Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

Netflix is making some of the coolest and most creative pieces of media out there. Whether it be series, documentaries, films, comedy specials, of anything in between, you’re guaranteed to find something you can really enjoy or connect with! So while you’re cooped up safely at home in this time of self-isolation, consider watching any of these 10 Netflix Originals to get you through the long days! 

1. Tiger King

Odds are, you’ve already binged this documentary miniseries. But if you’re one of the few who’s still missing out on the chaotic madness that is Tiger King, hurry up and get on it! Discover the wild world of zookeeper Joe Exotic, as well as the mystery of Carol Baskin, and all the other eccentric real-life characters (and tigers!) that surrounds them. Your jaw is sure to drop at every single turn of events, and you’ll gain a newfound understanding of the big cat breeding phenomenon in the United States, as well as some of the most amusing country music videos ever made. And this is just scratching the surface! Tiger King is the sure-fire destruction of ultimate weirdness to get you through isolation. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

2. Unorthodox

Loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s retelling of her separation from her ultra-religious New York City Jewish community, Unorthodox is a miniseries that tells the story of 19 year old Esty, and her running away from her arranged marriage to start a freer life in Berlin, Germany. Unlike most Netflix Original content, this series is presented primarily in Yiddish, as well as alternating between English and German. It is a simultaneously tragic and beautiful depiction of what an Ultra-Orthodox community is like, and is very truthful and entertaining in maintaining Esty’s strong personality. It’s a relatively short watch, but will definitely keep you hooked, as well as bring forth strong emotional responses. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

3. 13th

In a slightly more serious change of tone, the documentary 13th, directed by Ava DuVernay, is a fantastic Netflix Original that really goes in depth on a myriad of different topics. There’s so much to learn about the nation’s prison system, and the racial inequalities that are occurring constantly and rapidly. The disproportion of African American that fill these prisons is ridiculous and terrifying. Through interviews, investigations, and personal anecdotes, Ava DuVernay gives the audience a lot to consider, all while providing a modern look into just what the 13th amendment represents (or fails to represent). 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

4. Bojack Horseman

Arguably the best Netflix Original that’s ever been released, and definitely one of my favorite television series of all time, Bojack Horseman and it’s now finalized six seasons are the perfect way to spend your self-isolation. Even while being a ridiculous concept of a Hollywood filled with both cartoon humans and animals, Bojack Horseman manages to tackle some of the most universal topics out there. From addiction, to depression, to relationships and sex, this comedy will have you both laughing out loud, as well as contemplating the philosophies of life, and dabbing at your teary eyes. It’s episodes are very digestible and approximately twenty minutes in length, so this is a good watch to put on after a particularly long day to wind down. You’ll find yourself rewatching your favorite moments, and growing fond of the most flawed characters out there. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

5. John Mulaney And The Sack Lunch Bunch

It’s no secret that John Mulaney is one of the freshest and funniest comedians currently out on the scene. Any one of his multiple Netflix specials is sure to get you through these tough times of quarantine, really. But his newest, John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch, provides an additional layer of enjoyment. John Mulaney takes something as familiar as a children’s television program, and adds hilarity to it- as well as some extremely catchy musical numbers! All of the children involved in the special, with their crazy singing, dancing, and acting talents, really tie the whole experience together, bouncing their energy back and forth with John himself.  Add a never-ending list of guest appearances from the legendary likes of David Byrne, Natasha Lyonne, Jake Gyllenhall, and Richard Kind, and many more, there’s really no way to not enjoy this comedy special. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

6. The House Of Flowers

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mexico, The House of Flowers (or, La Casa De Las Flores) has recently released their now 3 full seasons of hilarious drama. Every single one of the characters in this show have so much intensity to them, and they’ve been extremely well crafted by the writers, as well as brilliantly portrayed by the actors. The soapy vibe the show gives off is sure to draw you in, while the family’s dark humor and overall dysfunction is sure to keep you around. Following the De La Mora family through suicides, drag queens, cheating and lies, sibling banter, and the operating of a family-run flower shop, this series is sure to provide the much needed drama and comedy mix you’ve been lacking since the beginning of quarantine. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

7. Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Out of all of the amazing comedy specials Netflix has funded and pumped out in the last few years, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette is definitely a must-watch for all. At just about an hour long, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby takes her audience into her world of dating women, dealing with difficult mansplainers, her hometown, and art history, narrating the different experiences she’s lived, as well as the more valuable life lessons she’s learned. Never has a comedy special been more genuinely funny, overwhelmingly smart, and deeply honest. Do yourself a favor, watch Nanette now. You’ll be hooked immediately, and surely be searching for more Gadsby content. Lucky for you, her followup comedy special, Douglas, is set to premiere on Netflix in May, 2020. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

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8. American Vandal

While the initial premise of American Vandal might be off putting to a lot of people, this satirical true-crime series might be the comedy fix you need. American Vandal perfects the mockumentary style of filmmaking, taking an investigative approach on various crude high school pranks. Following aspiring student documentarians and best friends Peter and Sam, the series takes you through the list of suspects and follows the drama that ensues from gossip and high school drama. You’ll be surprised at how involved you’ll become in the storyline, and find yourself guessing at who the culprit was who drew the dicks. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

9. The Perfection

If you’re in the mood for something darker, nearing the genres of psychological thrillers and pure horror films, this is the Netflix Original for you. The story follows Allison Williams and Logan Browning, who are playing a troubled musical prodigy who was once the greatest star in the world of cello, and the young new pupil who seems to be taking over the limelight respectively. Despite originally being lustful toward one another, the two cellists find themselves in a series of sinister and sickening turns, tangled in horrid life or death situations. You won’t be sure of who to trust, and you’ll fight hard not to get distracted by some of the most beautiful (and terrifying) classical music scenes ever. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

10. Derry Girls

Derry Girls is the perfect weekend watch, as it’s not very long, extremely entertaining, and light enough to improve your mood instantly. Following a group of five teenage best friends living in 1990’s Northern Ireland, this Netflix Original series not only gives some of the most amusing storylines out there, but also brings all of that 90’s nostalgia flooding forward. Every single one of the characters is instantly lovable, and the way they try to handle growing up in a world of armed police, as well as the everyday struggles that come with being teenagers, is absolutely perfect. Even just for the soundtrack alone, Derry Girls is well worth the watch. 

Top 10 Netflix Originals To Get You Through Self-Isolation

Seems like you’re all set to get cozy and stay indoors. Happy watching!

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