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Need help packing? Here is your ultimate packing guide!

Does your work require travel? Are you a traveler? Or are you an everyday person who just likes to keep things organized even when you’re not going far? For me, I enjoy packing because it means that I’m going to be somewhere new or going back to a place I love. But would you like to know what I find to be the biggest pain of all? Packing. I either pack too much or don’t pack enough. I have three different size suitcases (plus a variety of backpacks) because I’m never entirely sure which one will do my packing justice. Often, I will pack items only to find when I’m finished that they should have been packed in a different area of my suitcase or backpack. Ugh, the struggle! That is why I am here with a small packing guide that will make your life SO much easier while packing for that trip of yours.

Packing guide tip number 1: Organize!

Organizing! Some people love it, some people hate it. I on one hand, am always organizing something every day, even if it’s something little like hand towels or socks in a drawer (yes, I do that). And as much as I love doing it, I can see how others may not. Some people can’t sit in one spot and organize an item for too long because it gets tedious and exhausting. Some people also just like things messy and that is totally understandable. But when it comes down to it, I promise that organizing will be a life saver in the end. That is why I love travel packing cubes! They separate clothing, little items like power cubes and help keep your clothing wrinkle free! Compression cubes are also a go-to of mine because if you have limited space, they are a solution to that. Below is new set of compression cubes that I recently purchased. I love them! Not only are they super cute for traveling, but are affordable, too!

OEE Luggage Packing Organizers Packing Cubes Set for Travel: $23.99 on Amazon


Tip number 2: Make a list!

I’m not going to lie; I don’t like making lists. For some odd old reason, making one gives me anxiety because it’s telling me everything I need to do or need to purchase. But what I have come to find is that when packing, making a list can be extremely helpful. The list is in front of you when you are packing, there is not questioning of what needs to be packed, and if you want to add something, a list can stop you from over-packing, which, let’s face it, we all do every now and then. I found this packing check list on Amazon and I will be purchasing it again before I run out. It separates everything: Basics, clothes, hygiene and grooming and miscellaneous. Perfect for any wanna-be professional packer!

Knock Knock Pack This Pad—6 x 9 inches: $10.50 on Amazon

Tip number 3: Purchase a Travel Laundry Bag

I always found that in the past when I would travel, I never knew what to do with my dirty clothes. Often times, I would throw them in the front pocket of my suitcase or toss them back in with clean clothes but rolled up/assorted a different way. Gross, I know! That is why I learned of travel laundry bags. Since then, it has made my life incredibly easier because when I arrive home from a trip, all of my dirty clothes are all in one place. I don’t have to worry about going through my bags finding the dirty clothes, I don’t have to wash anything clean that I may have thought was dirty. Oh, the simple things in life! I found the travel bags below to be a perfect purchase for traveling and I know you will too!

HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag, Machine Washable Dirty Clothes Organizer: $13.99 from Amazon


Tip number 4: Keep liquids/medications separate!

One of my worst fears when traveling has always been my liquids leaking into my clothing that I so desperately need for an occasion or just simply everyday wear. And although I have never had that issue, I can’t help but always make sure that my liquids and medications are separate, God forbid something happen—someone breaks into my bag or there is small hole that I can’t see in my liquids. That is why I keep my medications in a small bag that I carry on me and all of my liquids in a separate bag away from my clothes. It gives me less anxiety and it’s overall, adding a touch of organization to the little things. Below is a bag that I use to put my liquids in. I used to just use a plastic bag, but I promise you, this little bag is one of my favorite purchases and I will always put it in my packing guide!

See Also

2pcs/pack Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag TSA Approved Travel Carry on Airport Airline Compliant Bag Quart Sized 3-1-1 Kit Luggage Pouch (Black): $10.98


Tip number 5: Bring a backpack!

If you’re anything like me when traveling the world, I try my best to only bring a carry-on no matter the circumstance. Personally, I don’t like checking a bag because I’m afraid of it getting lost. I also have found that I pack way too much if I do check anything larger than a carry-on—it ends up being full of clothing/items I do not need and overall, it’s just unnecessary. Whenever I go somewhere, I try to always bring an extra tote. Not only can I pack my little things in it, like medications and a water bottle, but I can also put souvenirs or a sweatshirt in it on occasions when I get chilly. It also doesn’t take up much space because a backpack can be stored almost everywhere. Here is one that I found on Amazon, although you can find small backpacks almost everywhere online or in stores for your specific needs/wants that crucial for your packing guide!

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack: $28.99 on Amazon


Do you have issues packing, even it’s for a short weekend? What is an item that you ALWAYS pack? Tell us below so we can keep updating our packing guide!

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