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Necessities You Need in Your College Wardrobe

Necessities You Need in Your College Wardrobe

Are you unsure what to pack for your first semester in college? Maybe you are returning to campus and want to make sure you have everything. Whatever it is, this is for you! 

Hoodies, hoodies, and more hoodies!

If you take anything from this list, I hope you take this. Hoodies are one of the best things to pack because they are so versatile. Whether it is going into the fall weather or the middle of winter, you can include a hoodie in your outfit. It is also the quickest thing to grab from your wardrobe on days you don’t want to go to class. I recommend taking at least a few in basic colors, especially zip-ups, so you can pair them with anything. 



As someone who dressed up to the max in high school, I did not think I needed sweatpants. I was very, very wrong. Sweatpants will save you on your lazy days and when you just want something comfy on. It is also such a simple item that can go with anything, so there is no worry about pairing with other items. It is also something you can wear to bed on the cooler nights.

Formal dress

Having at least one formal dress is beneficial in college. You never know when your friends will want to dress up for dinner or look extra nice at the club. I always have one black dress with me in case any event comes up. I usually tend to opt for shorter dresses because they are more flattering on me, but if you usually wear longer dresses, pack that. I go for more form fitting dresses because that makes me feel the best, but you can also bring a flowy or ruffle dress.


Summer dress

In the warmer months, you will be grateful you decided to pack this. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or going out for the day with your friends, a summer dress always comes in handy. You can look put together with minimal effort, I usually go for floral or fun colors because they brighten my mood. If you prefer more plain or neutral colors that can be an option as well. Summer dresses also come in all different lengths, so depending on your mood you can switch it up.


Crop tops 

Crop tops are the perfect outfit for going out to a party or an everyday outfit. It gives you that extra boost of confidence everyone needs. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, you have endless possibilities. It is also one of those clothing items you can dress up or keep more casual. There is no such thing as too many crop tops. I like to pair a tighter crop top with looser pants, that is what I’m most comfortable with. It is also an item you can wear with sneakers or heels.

Professional Outfit 

Before college, I did not think of this, but it is essential. If you decide to have a job or internship interview, having some slacks or a skirt with a polished blouse is so helpful. You don’t want to be running to the nearest store at 9pm the night before your interview. It is also reassuring to know you already have an outfit that fits you well and has you ready to go. I would research the dress code before going to the interview, but the standard is usually neutral colors and clean looking. I would stray away from anything too revealing or with text on it.


Winter Coat

If you also go to college in New England, you know how much the weather can fluctuate. A winter coat might be useful a random week in the fall, and then not again for months later. This is one thing you will not want to forget on your trip to college. Going back and forth to classes and grabbing food, you want to have something that keeps you warm. I prefer longer jackets because they cover more of my body in the cold, but if you like shorter ones bring that.



Who doesn’t appreciate a lovely pair of jeans? Whether it’s tighter fitting or mom jeans, there is a jean for everyone. Jeans can be paired with a t-shirt, sweater, crop top, there are so many options. It is a great every-day wear clothing item that never goes out of style. I pick out a few pairs in different colors so I have options when getting ready.

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In the spring semester, you will want some shorts. If it is jean shorts or more stretchy shorts, you will want something in the heat. With dorm rooms being extremely sweaty, having something to wear that will keep you cool is necessary. Since it will not be late into summer, I don’t think you should start packing your entire collection, but a few will save you.


Whether it’s going to the gym or curling up in your bed watching Netflix, you want to have leggings. To spice it up try getting some in different colors or detailing. They are just as comfy as sweatpants, but look like you tried harder. Having multiple pairs is a safe bet so if they rip or wear out you don’t need to worry. Leggings are nice to have when running errands or going out to eat. You can also bring classic leggings or yoga pants, I like yoga pants for my body type.



I am the first one to advocate for going to sleep in a baggy t-shirt, but something about a pair of pajamas is just irreplaceable. It is the perfect way to end a night of self-care and relaxation. There are so many cute patterns to choose from and the softer, the better. If you decide to have a sleepover with some friends, this is an outfit already planned. Spend a day getting matching ones with your friends, and treat yourself to some popcorn and a face mask.


What is a clothing item you think every college student needs? Comment down below!