Top 10 Necessities For Planning An Epic Road Trip

Road trips seem like the thing of dreams or the thing of movies. Long cross country trips with you and your friends jam-packed in a car with music blaring and the windows down. While the basics of road trips contain the notion of, just get in the car and go, there are still many aspect to consider to ensure you will have the epic road trip to remember. 

1. Music

What’s an epic road trip without a soundtrack? Seeing as how you will be on the road for a long duration, preparing a number of playlist is a must. It helps keep things lively and fun, but it can also preoccupy the driver and keep them alert for those moments their passengers doze off into a lull. Consider equipping yourself with the best of Top 40’s Pop, Classic Rock, OG Hip Hop, Trap, and 90s Ballad. Singing the likes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston at the top of your lungs can be quite the cathartic experience.

2. Navigation Apps

Now when heading out on the wide, open road, knowing where you are actually going is one of the most important aspects. Having apps such as, Google Maps and Waze can create worry free hassle, on all stops and destinations. Waze is cited as the “the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.” It a real-time community forum of travels there to alert you of basic happenings on the road. It alerts you of traffic jams, police, pulled over cars and more.

As far a Google Maps so, it’s basically the gold standard of travel apps. Google offers real-time GPS navigation, traffic info, and transit info. It can easily find nearby gas stations and fast restaurants for your convenience. These apps will make sure your epic road trip is not perturbed by taking a wrong turn.

Top 10 Necessities For Planning An Epic Road Trip

3. Snacks

While stopping for food when you are ready to chow down is all too relatable, having a few snacks packed to curb a minor appetite is a necessary convenience. Packing some light-weight, non-messy snacks are the best when trying to move about and snack in a moving vehicle. Pack some fruit such as apples or grapes, some mixed nuts, popped popcorn, or chocolate. You want to avoid getting full off your snacks and gobbling them all up prematurely. Do not forget to to stay hydrated during your trip, but be forewarned it may cause a number of bathroom breaks.

4. Chargers

An epic road trip will be anything but epic if all you and your friends devices start dying one after the other. Having car chargers than can be hooked up to USB ports or smoking outlet will keep essentials such as contact information and navigation apps from being lost due to dead devices.

5. Pillows

Have a nice neck pillow or tiny travel pillow for those moments you want to catch some shut-eye. They’re something about barreling down the road and feel the soothing vibrations of the car that often tire us, so be sure to pack a pillow so you are not smushed against the interior of the cold, hard car door.

Top 8 Necessities For Planning An Epic Road Trip

6. Car Essentials

Make sure before heading off onto an epic road trip that you prepare for worst case scenarios. Keeping a first aid kit, jumper cables, and an empty gas container can come in handy in times of turmoil. Make sure to take your car through an oil change and routine maintenance check up before heading out on the road. Be sure to double check that you’re spare tire if tucked away within you car and that the air is full in the tire ready if needed.

7. Documents

One should never get in their car, or drive for that matter, without all important documents. If something unfortunate happens such as getting into a fender bender or if Mr. Policeman pulls you over for speeding, license, registration and insurance is needed and will create quite the sticky situation if you do not have it.

8. Car Games

Having nothing but fun is quite the sole purpose of an epic road trip. Whether its a game of Never Have I Ever or License Plate Bingo, be sure to keep the excitement alive. Playing games car games help pass the time whilst getting to have bonding kinship with your friends within a new activity. 

Use these tips to plan your very own epic road trip with you and your friends. Do not forget responsibility, convenience, and ample amount of fun are the key components to make it a time to remember! 

Top 8 Necessities For Planning An Epic Road Trip

Do you have your own epic road trip tips to share. Share with us down in the comments!

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