12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

Whether it’s cold season, someone sneezed on or near you, or you just came down with it, having a cold sucks–even more so when cold medicine and hot tea remedies only do so much to help. Unfortunately, while there is no instant cure-all remedy when it comes to colds, there are certain herbs and spices that are loaded with cold fighting ingredients that can get you feeling better quicker. So here are 12 natural tea remedies that make use of nature’s cold medicine, to help you get over your cold faster!

1. Star Anise Tea With Honey And Cinnamon

If you’ve ever had mulled wine before, you’ll know the smell of this tea the instant that the hot water is added. It has all the ingredients, minus the wine of course, but it still tastes just as good. Star anise is a natural cold fighting herb that works to clear congestion, while cinnamon provides a load of antioxidants, and the honey, aside from adding sweetness, aids in soothing sore throats and coughs. It’s a perfect, cold-fighting, loaded tea!

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

2. Caraway Seed Tea

Caraway seeds taste similar to star anise with its distinctly earthy taste, so be sure to add some honey to sweeten the taste. Once brewed though, caraway is really good at bringing out phlegm from coughs and can help bring back an appetite. So if you are the type to lose your appetite when sick, this is the perfect tea to ensure you are eating to get better! Most spice sections of local grocery stores will carry caraway seeds.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

3. Cinnamon Tea

This milky tea with cinnamon and sweet honey makes an awesome ‘just before bed’ drink because of its natural aid in improving sleep–something you will be needing lots of to get better! This also has a touch of ginger in the tea, which is a natural immune booster and a common ingredient in tea remedies.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

4. Elderberry Tea

Elderberries are those tiny black berries that you might have walked past on hikes, that resemble miniature blueberries. They are a natural anti-inflammatory, so it relieves those headaches you might be prone to getting with a cold (which if you get, you’ll know how painful the pressure can be). Elderberries have a sweet-tart taste, so there is also a dollop of honey to add sweetness and relieve any sore throats. This recipe also has a touch of turmeric, another anti-inflammatory source and is loaded with antioxidants.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

5. Yarrow Tea With Honey

This recipe is really simple with just two ingredients, but the main ingredient, yarrow, is great for breaking up fevers. It has a sweet yet tangy taste and smells like liquorice. Add some honey for taste and to soothe your throat, and you have a perfect two in one cold fix tea!

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

6. Lemon Rosemary Tea

Rosemary is an all-in-one remedy just by itself when brewed into a tea. Rosemary can help settle an upset stomach, improve nutrient absorption, and is chock full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, making it perfect for a cold. With the added lemon, which is loaded with vitamin C and another important source to boost the immune system, this tea will have you feeling better in no time!

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

7. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng, like rosemary, is another overall health-boosting plant. It promotes the immune system, relieves stress, and helps relieve chest coughs. It is incredibly aromatic, so as a tea the smell will quickly fill a room. This one also has a sweet liquorice taste, so it depends on your taste preferences if you want to add honey to sweeten and enhance the liquorice taste.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

8. Honey Lemon Tea

Sweet, soothing, and just plain delicious. You might remember this tea from childhood colds if your mother or father ever made it for you. The blend of immune boosting lemon and soothing honey is the perfect remedy to help soothe your throat from coughing and colds. Because it’s also just two ingredients, it is quick and easy to make for fast relief! If you want to add a few extra cold-fighting remedies, try adding a dash of cinnamon and some ginger for those extra antioxidant and immune boosters.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

9. Liquorice Tea

Even if you don’t like liquorice (I personally don’t either), you might still want to consider a cup of this tea. Once brewed, liquorice helps soothe throats, hoarse voices, breaks up congestion, and can relieve pain. It’s another one of those all-in-one cold fighting teas, but just make sure to drink it on an empty stomach for the best effect.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

10. Echinacea Tea

If you haven’t heard of echinacea yet, you might want to add it to your list of herbs to have around the house. There have been lots of studies put out that say echinacea shortens the symptoms of colds and flus and boosts the immune system. Echinacea is part of the daisy family, so the flower looks like a purple daisy! This recipe combines lemongrass and mint for a nice, well-rounded taste–so get that kettle boiling!

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

11. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is pretty popular tea in the medical world generally, but especially to help you get to sleep, which is why it is on our cold remedy list. Medicine, coupled with a good sleep is the best way to let your body rest and get better faster!

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

12. Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

You might have heard of apple cider vinegar from its popular weight loss fad but did you know it can also be used to fight colds in tea remedies? The drink itself helps prevent an acidic atmosphere in your body for a cold virus to build, and the added cinnamon, cayenne (surprising addition I know), and lemon, are all cold-fighting boosters to help you get better fast.

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12 Natural Tea Remedies For When You Have A Cold

What do you think of these natural tea remedies for fighting colds? Do you have a favourite tea you like to make to help tackle a cold? Let me know in the comments!

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