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Natural Remedies For A Sunburn You Should Know Before The Summer Hits

Natural Remedies For A Sunburn You Should Know Before The Summer Hits

Natural Remedies For A Sunburn You Should Know Before The Summer Hits

In the summer we all try our best to avoid getting too much sun so that we aren’t faced with the consequence of a nasty burn. These burns are usually treated with cold compresses, aloe vera gel products, and pain relievers. And while all these treatments have their benefits, here are some natural remedies that work to repair damaged skin, as well as healing the burn quickly!

1.Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera gel is the most common product thought to cover a sore sunburn.  However, most people don’t know that it’s natural plant form has stronger healing properties than the stuff in the bottles or didn’t even know there was such a method in the first place. Inside the plant’s leaves lies that gel with all the benefits needed to take away that pesky burn!

2.Apple Cider Vinegar

This was an unusual remedy for a burn I originally thought because ACV I always thought to be quite acidic and therefore it would sting a burn. While this is still true if used at full concentration, if the solution is diluted with water like in a spray bottle or bath, ACV helps relieve what is known as “Hell’s Itch”, which typically comes after a bad burn by soothing the irritated skin. Also, the liquid has the ability to bring your skin’s pH levels back to a healthy balance.



This remedy just makes sense by looking at yogurt. The cold creamy snack is perfect to lather on any affected areas as it cools down the heat coming from a burn and also alleviates itching you might be experiencing. Also due to the fact yogurt is high in probiotics, it can help your skin rebuild any damage layers to its surface. And the best part is, if you get hungry, you can eat whatever leftover yogurt you have! It is truly a cost-effective solution.


This may seem like a strange hack to healing a burn because at first glance you wonder how would a powdery substance do anything to help soothe red itchy and painful skin? Alone cornstarch will not help you heal a burn. But if this powder is mixed with water, it becomes a soothing paste that can be applied to the body to reduce redness in affected areas and alleviate itching.


Not only is it good mixed with your cereal, but milk has some healing properties when it comes to burns! The beverage is loaded with antioxidants like Vitamins A and D, therefore helps your skin begin to heal. Also, the acid helps to clear away any dead skin left by your burn. The best way to apply milk to a sunburn is by putting some in a bowl and dabbing it on the affected areas with a cotton ball. If it’s a really bad burn all over the body you could even take a bath in milk to provide complete relief.

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All of these remedies have been proven effective, but you should seek immediate medical attention in your burn is very severe. Also, you should keep in mind these remedies are not the neatest solutions and can be somewhat messy, so be sure to do enact them in the proper environment to avoid major cleanup.

We all love a day of sun in the summer, but we hate that the burn that evitably follows. First and foremost, you should always be sure to protect your skin before heading outside in the summer on a hot day. This even goes for a cloudy day, as UV  rays can make their way through clouds. However, if you do still catch a burn, be sure to follow these remedies to help the healing process begin, so you can get back out there and enjoy some more summer fun!


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