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12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

Looking your best for any occasion is an essential must-know-how. Especially when it comes to job interviews. Now, due to the nation’s pandemic, many interviews, as well as tours, concerts, and anything else you can think of, has gone virtual. What many people fail to realize and understand is that, when it comes to interviews, you do not have to wear heavy, and overdramatic, and, overall, distracting makeup in order to impress or look the part of the position you are trying to attain. To give you a better idea of what I mean, here are 12 natural makeup looks to try for your next Zoom interview.

1. No Makeup At All

One of the best makeup looks that will help you to look and bring out your natural beauty for an interview is to wear absolutely no makeup at all! I know. Many of you who are reading this are probably laughing at me or muttering something along the lines of “Yeah right. Like that would ever happen.” I get it. You want to look your best for this interview and therefore refuse to wear no makeup at all. I get it. I am just saying, no makeup look can highlight your natural beauty as your natural face can.

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

2. Neutral Color

Since you are aiming for a more natural makeup look, your best bet will be to use and dress your eyes with a neutral color. A light brown, beige, gold or even a translucent shimmer will do just fine to highlight the natural beauty that is your eyes and face.

3. A Little Bit Of Color

Adding a little bit of color to your pooling orbs will do the trick for highlighting your natural beauty. Believe it or not, this is one of the favorite makeup looks for women to use, in terms of getting ready for an interview. An off pink, brown, gold, even a light grey will do the trick. 

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

4. Accentuate

Accentuating your eyes is the key focus when it comes to makeup looks that help bring out your natural beauty. Just add a single brushstroke of pale pink, soft browns, light blues, or greens, and before you know it, you will be grabbing your interviewers’ attention. Better yet, you will keep it too, as you explain and describe your talents, skills, and capabilities. 

5. Browns

No matter the color of your eyes, whether they are soft, dark, light, or bold, brown is a color of eyeshadow that is capable of highlighting any pair of eyes. This is the reason why the earth-toned color is the most preferred and easy color to work with. Regarding natural makeup looks. It all depends on the color, occasion, how light, and dark you want to dress your eyes. For an interview, I highly recommend your dress your eyes in a lighter brown. Maybe moderate.

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

6. Pinks

Next to browns, pinks are the most preferred color of eyeshadow to use and wear for an interview. The reason this is a favorite of the natural makeup looks for interviews is because not only does the color lighten the surrounding area of the eyes, but the color helps maintain the focus on your eyes. Whether you use a pale, blush, rose, fuchsia, or a punch pink. The color will underline your already natural beauty. Just be sure to watch how light or dark you make the color.

7. Bold Eyes

Bold eyes are always a fun makeup look to use and wear. No matter the occasion. Yet, when it comes to an interview, you may want to be subtle with the boldness of your eyes. Eyeshadow is not necessarily required for this makeup look. All that is really needed is mascara and a thin line of black eyeliner. Whether you decide to wing it at the corner of your eyes is up to you. 

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

8. Gold Eyes

Whether it is a soft shimmer, a simple gold hue, a light brushstroke or two, gold never fails to underline the already glowing natural beauty. Most women, like myself, only wear this shade when they go out, want to impress someone special, or it is a special occasion. It was not until recently that my friend mentioned that you can always wear gold to better emphasize your natural eyes. It is just a matter of how subtle you do it that makes it natural. Since her statement, I can honestly say that decorating my eyes for work, an interview, or just for a normal day at home has become one of my favorite makeup looks.

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9. Shadow Wing

Now, this may be on the more difficult side of natural makeup looks but trust me when I say it is the most eye-catching of the makeup looks on this list. What you do is select a neutral or slightly colored eyeshadow. Next, you will simply outline and fill in the lined area to make it appear like a wing. You can even fill in and line the bottom of your too. This is a great way to not only accent your eye but also put them in the spotlight. I think this makeup look is the most eye-catching because, not only is the technique using only colored eyeshadow, but if you choose to use neutral, t it creates an illusion of a shadow on your eyes. Which is a great way to highlight your natural beauty.

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

10. Thin Line of Eyeliner and Mascara

Sometimes you do not need to wear any makeup to highlight your natural beauty, as I previously stated. Though, during those times, you still want to put something on your face. I know that feeling all too well. When this feeling comes along, draw a thin line of eyeliner, and brush on some minimal layers of mascara. It is that easy.

11. Natural Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is, without a doubt, one of every woman’s favorite makeup look. However, when it comes to interviews, you must consider the natural smokey look. Not only is it subtle while still highlighting the natural color of your eyes, but it also makes your appearance seem that more confident and professional.

12 Natural Makeup Looks For Your Next Zoom Interview

12. Light Shimmer

A little shimmer never hurt any woman, in terms of makeup looks for an interview. Whether you decide to wear eyeshadow or not, a simple brushstroke of a neutral shimmer is not enough to harm any impression you want to make at your interview. If anything, it will go unnoticed, and yet, it will enlighten your presence to your interviewer(s).

What makeup looks do you practice or wear when it comes to getting ready for an interview? Any of which I have listed above? If so, which one(s)? Let us know in the comments below.

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