25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

As we enter the warmer months of the year, most of us want to skip makeup altogether or tend to wear fewer products. Maybe you are someone who enjoys wearing light, natural-looking makeup all year long! No matter what type of person you are, with a little experimentation, you can easily find the perfect natural makeup look for you.

Here are some looks that are perfect for the minimal girl!

1. Soft Pink Focused

When it comes to keeping things simple, less is always more. If you are trying to go for a natural makeup look using as few products as possible, try using one product for your eyeshadow, blush, and lip shade! Cream-based products work best for this but you can use a powder as well and achieve an equally beautiful look!

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

2. Lash Focused

Minimal and natural makeup looks give you the chance to accentuate your gorgeous and unique features! If you are fortunate enough to have naturally long eyelashes or enjoy investing in eyelash extensions, skip the mascara and let your lashes have the day off. Not only will you fall in love with your lashes again, but you will be giving them some much-needed rest time! The next time you wear mascara, you will be surprised at how easily it applies.

3. Lips Focused

When it comes to minimal makeup looks, less is always more! Instead of making each product used the focus of your makeup look, draw attention to your lips. Opt for a gloss or lipstick that is subtle and will draw attention to those lips!

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

4. Brow Focused

If you spend a significant amount of time trying to shape your brows, fill them in, and more, embrace your natural brows for a day! Sometimes we need to remember what we have, and love our brows whether they are small or large.

5. Dewy Skin

The very base of every makeup look is the type of foundation you use. Depending on which type and finish you choose, you can end up with a more matte or natural finish! If you want to keep things natural, try going for a natural or dewy finish foundation.

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

6. Glowy Skin

By pairing a natural finish foundation with a gorgeous highlighter that perfectly suits your skin tone, you can easily create a natural makeup look without too much effort! Just because you want to keep things minimal, does not mean you have to sacrifice the overall look.

7. Matte Skin

Just because you love matte makeup products, does not mean that you have to sacrifice a natural makeup look! For a clean, beautiful look, keep your product use to a minimum and use matte foundation, powder, and shadows for a consistent appearance.

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

8. All Over Natural Look

By sticking with products that suit you perfectly, you can create a beautiful look perfect for any occasion! Choose products that compliment your skin and facial features for a simple yet elegant look.

9. Bold Eyes

You do not have to sacrifice your love for bold eye makeup simply because you want to keep things more natural! Instead of selecting bright, unnatural shades, go for more earthy tones to create a gorgeous, and memorable eye shadow look!

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

10. No Eye Shadow

Everyone’s eyelids are different colors and tones! Some might be the same shade as their skin, while others have pink-toned lids. If you are part of the latter group, try skipping the eyeshadow! Chances are, people will think you are wearing it anyways.

11. No Blush

Depending on the thickness and coverage of your foundation of choice, you may be able to see some of your skin’s natural color beneath the layers. Embracing your flushed cheeks is an easy way to keep your makeup use minimal!

12. No Lipstick

One of the simplest ways to create a natural makeup look is to ditch the lipstick! Instead of worrying about keeping the color looking nice all day, why not skip the color altogether?

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

13. Ditch the bronzer

Some people are rather heavy-handed when it comes to bronzer while others are professionals! If this product is not easy for you to use, and you are wanting to opt for a more natural makeup look, just skip it. It will cut down on your makeup time and will allow you to embrace your face’s natural contouring!

14. BB Cream-based

Choosing a light-coverage foundation or BB cream is one of the easiest ways to keep things minimal and natural! Your skin can breathe quite easily through a lighter-weight foundation and most BB creams offer some type of SPF protection. It is a win all around!

15. CC Cream-based

If you want something with a little more coverage that is not as thick as most foundations, CC creams might be the key to your natural makeup look! Use the cream in place of foundation and proceed with your usual makeup routine for something more minimalist.

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

16. Moisturizer Only

If you are not feeling like wearing foundation or powder, then don’t wear any at all! Apply your favorite moisturizer, and a little mascara if you want and go on with your day. Your skin needs the chance to breathe every once in a while.

17. Beach Day Look

Some like to wear a full face of makeup to the beach while others like to go barefaced. If you want something simple when you know you will be out in the sun all day, try a long-wearing foundation and a waterproof mascara! Add more products to your personal taste and enjoy some fun in the sun.

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18. 5 Step Look

Want to challenge yourself? Limit your natural look to five makeup products total and have fun with it! It’s amazing to see how much you can do with just a few items!

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

19. Simple Colored Eyeshadow

For a truly minimal look, keep your eyeshadow to one basic color! Maybe you want to go for a pink eyeshadow or even a gorgeous green! Keep it simple with one color as your focus for a simple, clean makeup look.

20. Nude Eyeshadow

Maybe you want something to spice up your usual minimalist look! Stick with neutral, and soft toned colors for a look that is easy, natural, and always classic.

21. Nude Lips

There are so many nude lipsticks to choose from that can complete any natural makeup look. Use your lipstick as your focal point of the day and wear a shade you absolutely love!

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

22. Nude Cheeks

Try experimenting by not using blush, highlighter, and bronzer all the time! See what you can do to add to your natural coloring and structure and accentuate that. Even choosing a more nude shade of blush can make a big difference!

23. Less Is More

Use less highlighter for a more streamlined and sleek look! Try to limit the amount you use to ensure you are keeping things natural.

24. Sunkissed Skin

Try using a BB cream with some shimmer, or maybe even a bit of tan already in it! Make sure you choose a shade that is as close to your skin tone as you can find so it still looks natural.

25 Natural Makeup Looks For The Minimal Girl

25. No-makeup Makeup

Finally, for the most natural and minimalist look of all, simply use your favorite BB cream, and a hydrating lip balm! You should want to embrace and feel comfortable in your own skin. This is a simple way to do that! Or use products that melt and blend seamlessly into your skin. The goal here is to make it look like you are wearing products that don’t look like you are wearing anything at all!

Which of these looks would you try out? Comment your favorite look below!

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