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12 Natural Make-Up Looks To Do After Rolling Out Of Bed

There have been so many mornings when I start my make-up routine and just do not have the motivation or energy to do a crazy full make-up look. Plus, I have been really drawn to the natural make-up look more and more. I love that simple look that has just enough make-up to really make my features pop. And the natural make-up look can go with seriously anything.

There are so many different ways to achieve that natural make-up look, which is why make-up is awesome! You can play around with it and experiment on what you like and what you don’t. There can be a lot of different make-up looks that are just so hard to achieve and always end up getting messed up, but the natural make-up look always seems to turn out really good. That is why it is my new go-to look. If you are with me on that but don’t know where to start, here are twelve natural make-up looks that you can do every day for your morning routine.

1. Freckles

A recently popular make-up trend was the artificial freckles that you could add to your make-up look. Freckles are super cute and it sucks to wear make-up cause they get covered up. To really get that natural make-up look right, get yourself some paint on freckles.

Like in the photo below, a great spot to place your freckles is under your eyes and over your nose. That is where a lot of natural freckles pop up on people, but you can also do a few on your forehead and maybe on your chin to get that full freckle look. Add on some highlighter to bring out that glow and you are all set!

2. Light Purple Sparkle

When going for that natural make-up look, it is okay to use a bit of sparkle. The light purple sparkle is a great way to add to that natural make-up look and not overdo it. Go light on mascara as to not draw too much attention to your eyes as the sparkle makes up for the eyeliner and fake eyelashes. This natural make-up look is one that can be worn out to dates or something a bit fancy as it still holds that natural look, but has that sparkle and shimmer to make it look a tad more professional.

3. A Smokey Red

Smokey eyes are a huge make-up trend, and there is a way to accomplish the smokey while trying to get that natural look. For this natural make-up look, try to not use sparkle otherwise the look will seem a little overdone. Keep it the matte red. The photo below has the red reach out pas the eyebrow. This kind of takes a step back from the natural look so if you really want to stick to the natural make-up look, keep the smokey red on the eyelid.

Bringing that red down under the eye will add to that smokey look, but again keep this minimal as it might make the make-up look heavier. Keep the blush and highlighting minimal as well to make the eyes the focus of the look.

4. Pink Eyeliner

This natural make-up look is probably my favorite as the one thing that stands out is the pink eyeliner. The one thing you really want to do with the natural make-up looks is to find the one thing you want to be the focus of the look and make it up just a little.

So, for this look, keep the eye the focus, like usual. Use a very light eyeshadow or none at all, one that blends with your skin tone. Then choose a super cool eyeliner color, it doesn’t have to be pink and draw on a line that flares a bit but not too much. If you do decide to go with pink, you can have a light shading of pink to your lips to compliment the eyes.

5. Light Mascara

When it comes to the natural make-up look, you want to make sure you are using all make-up minimally. That’s minimal highlight, bronzer, lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara. Instead of using fake lashes to make your eyes pop, just put some mascara on your real lashes to stay with that natural look.

A little bit goes a long way, so use the mascara lightly, just enough to lift your lashes up a bit. If you really want something to stand out for the look, you can add a nice lip shade like in the photo below to draw the focus there. This look is a great natural one as there is not a ton of shininess. The one highlighted spot is the tip of the nose that draws the eyes down to those lips.

6. Faint Orange

When going for the natural make-up look, using warm eyeshadow colors helps you accomplish that natural look. So, pick colors like reds, oranges, browns so that it can blend in nicely with the different skin tones and also give off that slight glow that you want.

In the photo below, there is a nice faint orange on the eyelid that is complemented by the orange lipstick. Both tying the natural look together. Draw a small line of eyeliner to make your eyes pop just a little. Avoid using the fake lashes as it will overdo that natural look.

7. Natural Smokey Eye

If you want to do a natural smokey eye, just make sure you pick out colors that match with your skin tone to make sure the eyeshadow blends in and makes that smokey eye very subtle. For the look below, the light pink is blended out towards the temple and brow. There is a slight dark purple closer to the eye line. The center of the look, right above the eye, is very light pink. Draw that dark color down under the eye to tie that smokey eye together. If you keep the smokey eye light, simple fake lashes would make the eyes pop just a tad but not crazy so as not to ruin that natural make-up look.

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8. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is kind of like the mascara as you don’t want to use a lot more eye make-up. If you do plan on using eyeshadow, make sure it is light and you keep it subtle because the main focus of the natural make-up look will be the eyeliner. Don’t overdo it with the eyeliner either. Keep it close to the eye.

9. Sparkle

Unlike the sparkle before, this sparkle is gold and blends nicely with a lot of skin tones. When it comes to sparkle, I usually only use a light sparkle with no other colored eyeshadow to keep it simple. Don’t use any highlighter around the eye since the sparkle will give off that glowing effect. Only use mascara on your natural lashes to keep the main part of the look the eyeshadow.

10. All About That Highlighter

I have only recently started using a highlighter and I absolutely love it. Fo my really natural look, I usually add my foundation, a little blush, mascara, and highlighter.  The highlighter gives me that glow that I look for while all of the rest does the cover-up I need and the mascara makes my eyes pop just a tad. It creates a very subtle natural make-up look that I can wear to work and for other casual outings.

11. The Pinky Glow

I would say the color pink is part of those warm colors I was talking about earlier and a wonderful natural make-up look you can do is use pink to give you that pinky glow. Use a soft pink eyeshadow and blend up and out. Leave the inside of your eyelid lighter than the rest to give a kind of pink smokey eye. Use minimal mascara to keep the focus on that pink.

Use a light pink blush and also a light pink lipstick. This creates that soft pink glow that ties all together. Apply a touch of highlighter to the tip of your nose and under your brow to add to that glow even more.

12. Glossed Lips

Putting on lipstick is one of my favorite parts of doing make-up, but with the natural make-up look, I try to make sure I use a gloss or a very light color. Unless you are wanting to make your lips the focus of your look, gloss is my strongest suggestion. Gloss can go with any natural make-up look that brings some attention to your lips but still keeps the focus on something else.

Unless it is your passion, don’t waste your time on those heavy make-up looks. Go for the natural make-up look that is easy to do and always seems to turn out great! What are some of your go-to natural make-up looks? Let us know down below in the comments!

Feature Photo:
Madison McGarrah

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