10 Natural Hair Styles To Try

Choosing natural hair styles will become a huge part of your life once you decide to stop using a relaxer. Nicki Minaj said it best: “All these bitches rocking inches, cause they following the leader, I should switch it up on hoes, and rock an afro like Lupita.” Here are 10 Natural Hair Styles To Try.

1. Box Braids

The memories of me getting my box braids go all the way back to the 4th grade, and while the blow drying and tight braids being put throughout my head initially made me cry, it was still one of my favorite styles. Super versatile styling makes for a really easy wash day and box braids will always be a go to style.

2. Goddess Braids

Contrary to popular belief, Kim K did not invent this natural hair style, which she called boxer braids.  These traditionally started out as just two corn rows but in modern days many have added hair jewelry and other small braids to the style and to make it their own. These styles usually last around a week.

3. The Puff

This super simple natural hair style will cut down the time that is needed for your morning routine. Water, gel, and a soft brush are all you need to create this easy hairstyle.

4. Textured Ponytail

A super sleek base and a long textured ponytail with added hair will have you looking and feeling like Beyonce. Use your desired edge control or gel to slick down your edges and to create a tight pony. Add the braid hair onto the back to complete the look.

5. Halo Braid

Okay, I know what you are thinking… another braid? But this one is definitely worth it. A halo braid simply goes around the base of your head like a headband and can create a gorgeous princessy look. You can distress the braid for a messier look.

6. Senegalese Twists

The sister style to box braids. This natural style is just as versatile but the two strand twists give off a simpler and softer vibe. The only thing that makes these better than braids is that they are wayyyy easier to take out when you decide that you are ready to switch up your style.

7. Natural Curls

2018 saw the trend of natural hair styles take over the world and they are still going strong well into 2019. A natural afro may not be for everyone, but if you can rock it this is definitely a style for you. If you are looking for looser and softer curls, you can blow out your hair and then style with a lightweight curl cream.

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8. Crochet Styles

The super versatile hair style is very appealing to those who are looking for something that is low maintenance. Braids, dreads, twists, or loose hair can be installed using the crochet method. To create any of these styles, braid down your hair into cornrows, purchase a crochet needle and begin to install your chosen pre styled hair.

9. Space Buns

This is a fun and quirky style that has been popular since Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke. Create this look by parting your hair down the middle, and with your choice of gel create two slick ponytails.  Set the gel over time with a scarf.

10. Curly hair clip ins

Add texture, length, and thickness by adding some temporary enhancements to switch up your style and create something unique. This natural hair style is quickly created with clip ins and can be easily taken out at the end of your day.

Hopefully, these 10 Natural hair styles inspire you to embrace your natural hair this year.
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Amber Brantley

Based in the NY/NJ/PA area, Amber is an upcoming graduate with a passion for writing about all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

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