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The 10 Best Spots To Nap At University of Pittsburgh

The 10 Best Spots To Nap At University of Pittsburgh

College can be exhausting, and more often then not you're pulling an all-nighter to complete your assignments. Here are the best places to nap on campus.

College students are infamous for pulling all-nighters but eventually discover their in dire need for sleep. Don’t have time to run back to dorm or apartment in between classes? Here are the 10 best spots to nap at University of Pittsburgh!

1) Tansky Family Lounge.

The William Pitt Union is filled with lounges and tables perfect for studying… napping. Among the several lounges, the Tansky Family Lounge (formerly the Schenley hotel lobby) holds many ornate sofas and chairs. You can count on the ghost of a prima ballerina to wake you up in time for your midterms or finals.


2) Hillman ground floor comfy chairs (beware laptop thieves).

Take a break from finals studying and pop a squat on one of the many comfy chairs on the Hillman ground floor. Club Hillman may be noisy but as long as you’re equipped with ear buds you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Beware of laptop thieves!

3) Cathedral third floor.

Cathy (Cathedral of learning) is known for the large Potter-esque common area but many students overlook the cozy student lounge on the third floor. When the streets are lined with ice and you’re about to collapse from sleep exhaustion, you can count on the toasty student lounge to slump into a cushy chair and doze off.


4) UHC.

Another effective nap spot is the honors college located on the 37th floor of the Cathedral. Unlike the lower floors of Cathy, the honors college is a loft-like space filled with a wooden staircase and a penthouse view of campus. If you’re looking for a space with quiet library vibes but with the privacy of a small classroom check out the honors college.

5) Commuter lounge.

In William Pitt Union, the commuter lounge is another lounge littered with comfy couches. So after a long morning of dodging cars on your bike or surviving the fifth avenue grind, take a well deserved nap in the commuter lounge.


6) O’Hara Student Center.

In O’Hara it’s easy to come across a cushy chair. Similar to Alumni Hall, there is a lack of students so it’s easy to get some peaceful napping in. O’Hara can double as a study spot as well so if you need to hit the books this is a great spot. 

7) Second or third floor of Alumni Hall.

Alumni Hall is a great place to nap; its got a silent and private atmosphere. There are several tables and larger chairs which gives you plenty of space to spread out. The second and third floors also overlook a ballroom so if you’re looking for a scenic spot to nap, this is the place. 

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8) Schenley… if it’s warm.

Do you enjoy sunshine or fresh air? Are you like me and require ambient sounds in order to sleep? If this is you, try napping outside in Schenley Plaza. In the warmer months the plaza can be a wonderful study/nap spot that’s not too quiet nor distracting. When you’re exhausted from sitting in stuffy classrooms, stretch out on Schenley Plaza where you can close your eyes and pretend you’re on the beach instead of studying.  

9). Upper levels of Posvar.

Feeling sleepy after that bagel? Venture to the upper floors of Posvar. The upper floors in Posvar have comfy couches and are significantly quieter than Club Hillman.

10) Market.

While Market may not be your first choice for a catnap, it’s late hours and convenient proximity to food make it an ideal nap spot. Find a comfy booth and take a power nap!

Can you think of any other places to nap at University of Pittsburgh?! Comment below!
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