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Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

Although the “Name A More Iconic Duo” Meme/Tweet was born in 2016, it is still quite a big thing in the world of social media as users frequently name who/what they believe are Iconic Duos. Some of these Iconic Duos are actual ones while others are straight-up savage, resulting in many laughs.

All of the Iconic Duos (Savage and Actual) featured in the article are ones of real people, Movie and TV Characters, and people who hate each other. These Iconic Duos are also of people and actions, moments, or objects they are known for and associated with.

Now, with all of that being said, take a look down below at these 12 Funny ‘Name a More Iconic Duo’: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos:

1. Savage – Donald Trump and Tweeting:

Over the years, many Iconic Duos (both Savage and Iconic) have come out that left a memorable impression on the public. Perhaps the most Iconic of all the Iconic Duos to have been born ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President in 2017 is Donald Trump himself and his tweeting habits. President Trump has been spent more time on Twitter Rants than he has in accomplishing things for the country as our Commander in Chief. Click here to check an analysis of Donald Trump and his tweeting habits done by Tweet Binder Blog.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

2. Actual – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler:

One of the most Iconic Duos in all of Hollywood is Comedians and Actresses Tina Fey (on the left) and Amy Poehler (on the right). This duo’s friendship goes back to when they first met at ImprovOlympic in Chicago in the 1990s. Besides working together on Saturday Night Live! and the 2004 film Mean Girls, our favorite comedic duo are also everyone’s favorite award show hosts!

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

3. Savage – Sergio Ramos and Red Cards:

Some of the most (Actual) Iconic Duos in the history of soccer (football for everyone who doesn’t live in North America) include Xavi and Andres Iniesta, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, and Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, to name a few.

However, in terms of Savage Iconic Duos, one such pairing that football fans frequently name is that of Sergio Ramos and Red Cards! Despite Ramos’s illustrious resume, the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team is one of the sport’s masters of the dark arts.

Throughout his career, Ramos has been involved in many controversial incidents on the field. The defender also holds many disciplinary records in La Liga, Champions League, and the Spanish National Team. Ramos has received a total of 26 Red Cards in his career so far, with the most recent one coming last month in the first leg of Real Madrid’s Round of 16 Champions League Match vs. Manchester City.

Anytime Ramos gets sent off after getting a red, fans quickly flood to social media to mock him, and this mockery includes naming “Sergio Ramos and Red Cards” as one of football’s most Iconic Duos. The video below by 442oons, a football parody YouTube Channel, poked fun of Ramos’s lastest sending off.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

4. Actual – Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing:

Friends is one of the best TV Series of all time and the show wouldn’t the same without the bromance between Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). Joey’s cluelessness and Chandler’s sarcasm and sense of humor have not only resulted in the two getting in wacky adventures, but have also produced some of the most memorable moments of the show’s history. Some of these moments include buying the chicken and the duck together, accidentally leaving Ross’s infant son Ben on a bus, and kissing each other on New Year’s Eve, to name a few.

Beyond their adventures, Joey and Chandler were also there for each other in times of need and always showed each other support and encouragement. As a result, Joey’s and Chandler’s tight bond and friendship make them one of the most iconic duos of all time.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

5. Savage – Taylor Swift and Kanye West:

As stated earlier, some of the Savage Iconic Duos that people tweeted in response to the “Name a More Iconic Duo” Tweet included pairs who are enemies. One of the most Savage Iconic Duos in pop culture includes singers Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

The beef between the duo started at the 2009 VMA Awards. After winning Best Female Video for her single “You Belong with Me”, Swift (who had won her first of eventually 10 VMAs) was in the middle of making her acceptance speech when all of the sudden, rapper Kayne West went onto the stage and interrupted her by infamously saying, “Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”

The cameras then cut back and forth between a stunned Beyoncé (and audience) and West and Swift, the latter of whom was speechless. West then left the stage to the sound of jeers.

Although West has apologized, he and Swift have remained frenemies a little of ten years since the 2009 VMAs. Like many celebrity feuds, the beef between this iconic duo has played out before our very eyes over social media. To see a more, extensive recap of the frenemy-like relationship between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, click here.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

6. Actual – Fred and George Weasley:

Some of the most Iconic Duos that are twins (real-life and fiction) include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Zack and Cody Martin, and Annie James and Hallie Parker, to name a few. Another pair of twins to include are Fred and George Weasley from The Harry Potter Series. The video below shows why The prank-loving twins have a top place amongst the most Iconic Duos of all-time and of TV and Movie History.

7. Savage – Angelina Jolie and Wrecking Marriages:

Besides being known as an Oscar-Winning Actress and Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie (Center) also has a notorious reputation of breaking up famous celebrity couples! She’s broken up two high profile relationships: She pursued a romance with her Pushing Tin co-star and eventual second husband Billy Bob Thornton (Bottom Left) (Jolie and Thornton’s marriage lasted from 2000-2003) while he was engaged to Laura Dern (Top Left) and did the same thing with her Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star and eventual third husband Brad Pitt (Bottom Right) while he was married to Jennifer Aniston (Top Right)! Jolie and Pitt, who are also the parents of six children (3 adopted and 3 biological) eventually wed in 2012 and their high published divorce was finalized in 2019.

The high level of media attention and drama surrounding the Oscar-Winner’s personal life are the reasons why Angelina Jolie and Wrecking Marriages is one of the most Savage Iconic Duos in Pop Culture history!

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

8. Actual – Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips:

One of the most iconic duos and friendships in Hollywood is the one between Actresses Michelle Williams (on the left) and Busy Phillips (on the right), who have been like two peas in a pod since the latter joined the cast of Dawson’s Creek in 2001 (note, Williams had been part of the show since its first season aired in 1998).

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Besides attending red carpet events and award shows as each other’s dates, both have been there for each other thick and thin. Their bond is so deep that Michelle named Busy the godmother of her daughter with the late Heath Ledger. After Ledger’s untimely and tragic death in 2008, Busy stood right by her BFF’s side.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

9. Savage – Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon:

Off-camera, Jimmy Kimmel (on the right) and Matt Damon (on the left) are actually friends. However, on-camera, the two have “fake feud” that’s been going on since 2002 in the middle of the first season of the former’s late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel signs off of each episode with “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.”

 The fake feud Kimmel and Damon makes them one of the most Iconic Savage Duos of all time as their “beef” has produced some of the funniest moment ever not just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! but also on social media, award shows, and other televised events! Even other celebrities have gotten entangled into their fake feud too.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

10. Actual – Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King:

The third of the three female Iconic Duos included in this article is that of Oprah Winfrey (on the right) and Gayle King (on the left). Ever since they first met in 1976, the two have been as tight as ever as the latter played a huge role in part in the former’s empire.

Both women are each other’s closest confidantes and have each other’s back no matter what, as evident when Winfrey defended King after the latter received death threats for asking WNBA Lisa Leslie if she believed the 2003 rape case would affect the late Kobe Bryant’s legacy.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

11. Savage – Kevin Durant and Burner Accounts:

Another one of the most Savage and Iconic Duos that ranks near the top includes NBA Star Kevin Durant and Burner Accounts on social media. Durant has been dubbed by many NBA Fans as a “Villain” ever since his controversial signing to The Golden State Warriors in July 2016 (Note, Durant left The Warriors in July 2019 and joined The Brooklyn Nets in a sign-and-trade deal). During his three seasons with The Warriors, The 2014 NBA MVP played a huge role in the team making the NBA Finals each season, which resulted in them winning the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals, which were also his first two NBA Championships.

However, during the 2017 NBA Offseason between The Warriors’ back-to-back NBA Championships, Durant literally set the Internet on fire after it was discovered that he created fake social media accounts (aka Burner Accounts) and used them to argue with people who say bad things about him on social media. The reaction to Durant having Burner Accounts on social media was met with criticism by media analysts and many on social media couldn’t stop making jokes about it.  Anytime you see a photo of the NBA Star on his cellphone (just like in the photo below), many basketball fans joke about what Durant is posting on social media through his burner accounts.

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

12. Actual – Drake Parker and Josh Nichols:

I mean, who could forget to include our favorite step-brothers as one of the most Iconic Duos in this article? The title characters from one of our favorite TV Shows growing up gave us some of the most iconic and funny moments ever, including the famous “Hug Me Brotha!” line!

Name a More Iconic Duo: 6 Savage Duos and 6 Actual Iconic Duos

Which of these 12 Iconic Duos (both savage and an actual duo) listed here did you like the best? Let us know which Iconic Duos (Savage and Actual) down below in the comments section!

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