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10 Nails Trends You Should Try This Winter

10 Nails Trends You Should Try This Winter

These nail trends are going to be all the rage this winter! Here are some of the top winter nail styles that you need to try!

Nails can be that finishing touch for pulling together a look. If you need some inspiration for your next manicure read on to see these 10 nail trends you should try this winter. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering session!

1. Gem It Up

If you’re all about the glam then pick up some gems and studs to decorate your fingers. The designs can be intricate and grand. The perfect way to draw attention with a bold mani that glistens in the light! This is one of the best nail trends.

2. Chic Line Art

Such a simple design but totally eye-catching, line art on nails gives you a modern twist. Go with a black on nude look to really make it wearable or be adventurous and test out other colors. Either way, you’re going to be walking around with a work of art!


3. Flowery Finish

Even though winter is fast approaching you don’t have to say goodbye to the flowers just yet. This pressed flower design gives you a graceful spring vibe; something many of us would love to have all year round. So don’t sulk when it’s bleak out there, just look down at your nails and instantly feel energized!

4. Throw Some Glitter On It

When in doubt glitter is always the way to go. You can never go wrong with a lot of sparkles, especially if you mix and match shades. A very classic look that definitely fits a party setting. Always go for the glitter if you want to feel absolutely amazing for a night out on the town!

5. Twist On A reverse French Tip

A French tip is a classic, but if you want to step up your game go for a reverse version. You can do this with any colors of your choosing, the key is to highlight your cuticle area instead of the tip of your nail. This creates the illusion of elongated fingers. Throw in some glitter or foil for a striking touch!


6. Dainty and Minimal

You don’t always need super bold or brightly colored nails. Going for something simple and delicate is statement enough. Choose decals that epitomize this trend in order to achieve a soft and elegant manicure!

7. The Graphic Nail

With this manicure, you can really go wild with creativity. Think geometric when trying out a graphic nail. You’ll be able to play with colors and shapes and the best part is each finger can have its own subtle difference!

8. Statement Style

Probably the easiest manicure to come up with; a little design on each nail. Start with a base color and using your artistic skills, draw on any statement image you want. If drawing them on isn’t your thing, not to worry there are nail stickers that have come to your rescue. Just peel off, stick on, and apply a top coat to seal the deal. Think smiley faces, hearts, eyes, and more!


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9. Fun With Color

Possibly the best for unsteady hands, you get to place swipes of different polishes in a random yet planned way. Opt for 3 to 4 polishes that match well together and begin to layer them however you want. The best part is you don’t need to cover your entire nail and you can throw in some decals here and there to up the mani! This is one of our favorite winter nail trends!


10. The Clear Nail

Think of this like “my nails but better”, the clear nail trend is your new friend. Go for some clear tips to give you that dramatic length. You may be thinking that this isn’t much, but this is pretty much the “no makeup, makeup look” for your nails. It’s there to enhance what you have and give your nails the shiny coat they need to look healthy and glowy!

Will you try any of these nail trends? If you have any nail trends you want to recommend, let us know in the comments below!
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