8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

Nails are one of the most underrated accessories in an outfit. Just like clothing, nails can really express your personality and your personal sense of style. This article will illustrate some cool and awesome nail manicures to try out. We will highlight some classic, natural choices as well as the bold and daring. These nail trends can be modified to fit your own style, personality, or comfort. You can also change the colors to make it less dramatic.

1. Clear tips

Clear tips have been a recent nail trend. There are some manicures with clear tips that showcase a bold color in the bed of the nail that slowly fades out into a transparent finish. The manicure displayed below showcases clear tips with a bold and cutesy design of clouds and stars on the nail. This nails trend would be for those who are not scared to take risks and enjoy experimenting in their looks. They can be customized to your personal style. It does not have to look like the one pictured below. Pinterest can various pictures of this nail trend that you draw inspiration from.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

2. Cow Print

Animal print has been a recent fashion trend for the past year, so why not try it on your nails also? This is an option that is a bit more classic looking, especially folks who are considered about their nails clashing with your outfit. Cow print is a distinct pattern, but the colors are neutral enough to pair with almost any color in your outfit. Black and white are versatile enough to style with outfits that range in all kinds of colors. If this look is still a little too adventurous for you, you can make the print a little smaller to make it more subdued.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

3. Dark Burgundy

There’s nothing like a deep, spunky nail color every once in a while. Dark burgundy will look great with almost any clothes that you have on. If you are intimidated to have prints on your nails, you can always opt for a bold color. Red can be difficult to style, but since the color is much deeper, it makes it way more forgiving to style with your clothes. The deeper the colors, the easier it will be to style with your entire outfit. If you are still scared to rock such a bold color, you can always customize the length of the nail to make it look more subtle.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

4. Small floral print

If you would like to sport a more delicate and minute style on your nails, then you will love this nail look. Many have been rocking the small, dried flower look on their nails. The flower appears to be within the nail, but in reality, the flowers are painted on to the nail with a clear or transparent background. Like all the nail designs on this list, this one can be changed with the color and size of the nail to make it more suitable for your own style. The bright pink color to the flowers on the design below is excellent for a girly girl. This kind of nails would also look great with an all-pink- outfit, or it can work as a pop of color.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

5. Metallics

Metallics are a simple and fun way to make your nails look extra special. This is a great style to implement in the holiday season. The sparkles and glam would make an excellent pair with a fun, New Year’s or Christmas dress. The picture below showcases the nail design with a light pink color, but you can always change the color in order to match your outfit better if you’d like. If you like dark nails, this would also look awesome if with a black base and a silver or gold shimmery finish over the top. There are multiple bases and glitter colors for you to use to make this nail look your own.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

6. Natural color w/ oval shape

This natural look and color are perfect for those who do not like to have a lot of attention to their nails. The style of these nails are great for those who like a more natural look on their nails but still want them to look nice and manicured. The oval and slight almond shape to the nail adds to the feminine look it has as well. Natural-looking nails leave a lot of room for people who want to keep the attention of their clothing. This nail style is also great for those who just want a break from having very detailed and over-the-top nail designs.

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8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

7. Negative Space

This is a fun nail style that you can make as subtle or as daring as you like. The nails pictured below are with a soft pink color, which makes it look less shocking. Nails with negative space has been a nail trend that everyone is a bit more reluctant to try. If you are intimated to have your nails like this, you can always use colors that are more neutral to your nail and skin tone. You can also use red, black, or grey if you want the negative space aspect to be more apparent. Soft pink is great on everyone’s skin tone, so it is worth giving it a try with this trend.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

8. Transparent Pink

Transparent pink nails allow you to have the transparent trend without taking the full leap. The pink color is also great for camouflaging your natural nail bed at the bottom of the acrylic. Clear nails are very cool, but it is easy to see certain mistakes. The nails pictured below have holographic hearts, which look great with the pink color because everything looks more cohesive and it blends in. You do not have to use translucent pink if it isn’t your color either. You can use transparent blue acrylic too or whatever else color you like.

8 Nails Trends That Will Make You Forget Classic Manicures

Which of these nail trends are you going to try? What current nail trends are you loving right now?

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