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10 Nail Trends You Should Be Following

Once you start getting your nails done consistently, there is no going back. You will feel naked when they aren’t done and it just won’t feel the same. These are some nail trends you should be following to make sure that your nails are always something cute. It’s nice when your nails are done and you genuinely like them because you can always look at them and smile. Plus, if you post of pic of you holding a drink or something where your hand is included, it is essential your nails look flossy.

1. Neon

First and foremost, you can never go wrong with a neon nails. Neon is probably one of the most in things for literally anything. However, a nice neon nail in the summer time when you’re sun kissed.. *chef’s kiss*. It is magical. While neon colors are absolutely in your face, when it’s on your nails it honestly doesn’t look too crazy. Nails are meant to be fun and funky. Or why are there so many different nail polish options? The beauty about getting your nails done too is that by the time you get tired of looking at neon orange or pink nails, it’s time to get them redone anyway. Neon is a foolproof way of having fun nails that you are sure to love.

2. Multicolored

If you are someone who cannot decide on just one color, then let me tell you about a new nail trend. Different. Colored. Nails. If you want, you could have every nail a different color and no one would bat an eye because it’s CUTE. It’s beyond fun and you get to use your imagination when picking the colors out. The best part about having multicolored nails is that while everyone may be on the same trend as you, it is a slim chance that they will have the same colors as you. So it’s fun to compare the colors with other people and pick out a set of nails that fully represents you.

3. Festive

When is doubt, match the season or holiday that’s coming up. That could mean you get a design like a snowflake, Easter eggs, or hearts. Or, it could mean dark blue, pinks and reds, or browns and tans. This is a foolproof plan for nails because they will always make sense. It also gives you something to look forward to because there is always a different way to match the season or holiday. It can even make you feel more put together or get you more in the spirit of what’s going on around you when you match your nail to seasons and/or holiday.

4. Flames

Flames on anything is so cute. It has become a pattern that people love and looks good on ultimately anything. So, why not put it on your nails? What cool about this is you could either have your nails all flames, four nails one color and you flame would be an accent nail, or you could do flame on one nail and french tips on the others. You have multiple options here. What’s also sick is that you can do a flame in any color and it would make sense. You want your flames to be green? Sick. Or you want your flame white and all your other nails different colors? Say less. It will look amazing and it will give you unique nails that people will like to look at, including yourself.

5. Colored French Tips

While french tip nails is absolutely nothing new, getting colorful french tips have become a trend. It takes a classic nail set and adds a younger flare to it which makes it more desirable. For this trend, you could have your french tip be one color or many. The colorful french tip can also play in to any of the above nail trends too. If you’re trying to have your nails match the season, then for winter why don’t you do a dark blue or green? For Valentine’s Day do a hot pink or a classic cherry red. If you want to do neon, then you could have your french tips be one neon color or choose different ones and have it resemble a rainbow. It will look good, I promise you. The imagination that comes when you’re thinking of your future set is limitless.

6. Jewels

If you want to get boujee with your nail, add some jewels. This could be as subtle or in your face as you’d like. You could do every single nail or just one accent nail. It could be huge jewels that cover the entire nail or one small one that barely covers the nail. It is entirely up to you and what you prefer. There is never a bad time to add jewels on to your nails because they make them look elegant. I think it’s safe to say that not many people do add jewels to their nails so when they do they really stand out. They are fun to look at and you could add them to any part of the nail and it would look cohesive.

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7. Stars

Another fun trend for nails is getting stars on them. This could be a sticker that the put on or something that is hand painted. Regardless, it is a fun design that adds a flare to your nail. The color options for this design is also pretty rad because it doesn’t have to make sense. You could have all your nails be the same base color and a different colored star on each finger. You could have many stars on your nails or just one. The sky is the limit, baby.

8. Patterns

This sounds so simple and expected if you want to do something different to your nails. However, a pattern to you could be different colors swirling on your nails giving off a 70’s vibe and to the person sitting next to you it’s adding a stripe. It will never be the same to someone else and that’s what makes adding something to your nails so rad. Stepping out of the ordinary will keep you happy with your nails and maybe even inspire someone else.

What nail trends do you suggest people try? Sound off below!
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