Nail Trends That Are Happening For This Summer

For summer 2019 there are a variety of nail colors and styles happening for the season. We see interesting and original additions that are usually out of the norm as well as classic and practical designs, therefore it can be difficult choosing your style. So if you’re wondering what the nail trends are, then keep reading down below to find out what’s happening for this summer!

1. Nude

Nude colors are big nail trends for this summer. We are seeing clean and neutral nail colors all over the place with many runway looks sporting them, such as in Gucci’s spring/summer fashion show. Try to go for nudes with a tan or pink undertone for a polished look.

2. Bright White

Bright white shades have been popular for years and are still going strong as nail trends for this summer. Wear it with a matte topcoat, a glossy sheen, or even with a pearlescent undertone if you’d like to dress it up a bit.

3. Red

Reds are usually worn in the fall, but for this summer they are coming back as big nail trends. Channel your inner 50’s glamour girl with an orangey red as seen at Ryan Lo’s fashion show. Or keep it classy with a dark Bordeaux shade for a more muted look.

4. Shine

Keeping nails sleek and shiny are big nail trends for this summer. Wear any color you desire and simply put a glossy topcoat on top to make the color really pop. Or even choose a color with a metallic or holographic undertone for a brilliant sheen, as seen at the Giorgio Armani show.

5. Black

Black nails have usually been reserved for the cooler seasons but for this summer it has been introduced as the chic nail trend to try. Usually synonymous with rebellion and mystery, black nails have taken on a modern and minimalistic approach. Try to pair your nails with a high-gloss finish, as seen at Tom Ford’s spring/summer 2019 fashion show.

6. Coral

Coral nails are returning nail trends for this summer, and we are loving the colors for this year. Try the color “persimmon pink” from Essie for a toned-down coral or go full blast with “I Eat Mainly Lobster,” a highlighter color from O.P.I. aptly named for the season.

7. Neon Green

Neon colors are everywhere for the summer, so it’s not surprising that they will be huge nail trends. Neon green has gained speed recently with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner wearing it on her accessories and clothing. Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador, has even included a neon green nail color called “Slime Scene” to her polish collection.

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8. Rounded shape

A rounded shape for the nails is being seen all over the runways for this summer. Part of the natural nail trend going around, a simple and clean look for the fingertips is fashionable for the season, as well as practical.

9. Clear tips

Clear tips are also big nail trends for this summer. Nail extensions were left bare at the tips, giving the wearer a futuristic and uncompleted style, as seen at Vivienne Westwood. If you don’t want to wear extensions, or prefer not to, then paint on a glossy coat for a simple but put-together look.

10. Two-Tone

Two-toned nails are also very trendy for this summer. Go for a classic French manicure style, or experiment with two different colors as seen at Gareth Pugh. There are no rules for this trend, so be as creative as you dare with your color combinations!

11. Cuticle

The cuticle trend, or half moon design, are making a comeback from a couple years back as the nail trend to try for this summer. If you’re looking to try something different and unique with your manicure, then a bare cuticle design may be a good choice for you.

Interested in these nail trends for summer 2019? Comment down below which ones you liked the best!

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Natalia Kowalenko

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