8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

Going to a nail salon can be quiet intimidating. With the endless bottles of nail polish, weird smells and mostly causal atmosphere it can be hard to make all the decisions at once. So if you want to sound like a pro and do your research for nail shapes, here is our 8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure.

1. Squoval

The squoval nail shape is one of the easiest styles to have. If you can’t decide between any of the other shapes or you are new to the nail game this is a great gateway into getting your nails done. For the most part, this style also looks great on almost any hand.

Another fun part about the squoval nail shape is that you can use your real nails or acrylic. Whereas other styles you have to have acrylics to create the shape or years of growing your nails out.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

2. Almond

If you are not brave enough to go straight into a stiletto but still want to elongate your fingers then almond is for you. You will not have as many “oops I stabbed you” moments, but you will have one of the most dramatic nail shapes on the list. It creates length, sophistication, and sounds really fun when you are typing on a keyboard.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

3. Round

Round is one of the more natural nail shapes. It works with natural nails and acrylic, it is very soft, and works with all lengths of nails. The only downside to this style of nails is with acrylic it can be hard to scratch if you have an itch because there is no sharp side of your nail left. Which is fine for most people but does need to be stated in case that is a problem for you.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

4. Coffin

This nail shape is also sometimes referred to as ballerina. They are of the more new nail shapes in regards to the longevity of the other styles but are very popular. It combines the length of the stiletto but gives it a blunt edge. Yet the nail is still pointed inwards to elongate the fingers while still being safe to do normal everyday things.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

5. Stiletto

Think glamour and the ability to do little unless you are a pro. I would not start out with this nail shape if you have never had acrylic nails. This shape is almost exclusive with fake nails but can rarely be done with long natural nails. They are pointy, sharp, and look like you have the fanciest nails around. You will feel like a baddie in these nails.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

6. Square

Square nail shapes are one of the more traditional styles that have been around forever. You probably got your first nails done for prom in this style with a french tip. They are classy you can make them long or short and they look great on everyone. If you are unsure of the shape you want I would go with this one or the above round.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

7. Short

Do you type for hours a day? Hate hearing that clicky noise when you text or do a lot of outdoor activities? Then this is the nail shape for you. It is easy to do with natural or fake nails and allows you to still live your own life. You should never let your nails hinder you from doing what you love.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

8. Mountain Peak

This nail shape is very pointy but a lot shorter than stiletto. Which is great if you are looking for the shape but not the length. It is glamorous and not as popular so you will be able to have very trendsetter nail shapes that everyone is sure to love. Not to mention the name mountain peak is pretty cool for a nail term.

8 Nail Shapes For Your Next Manicure

Did you decide one of our nail shapes for your next manicure? If you did leave us a comment below which was your favorite!

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