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5 Nail Products to Purchase for DIY Manicures

Finding the perfect nail products for a manicure is not always easy. Now that we are going through a pandemic, DIY manicures has made a comeback. Nail shops have restrictions or are being closed completely. This leaves us, who love to get our nails done in a particularly sticky situation. After hearing about a friend using press ons I decided I should try them. I started experimenting with different nail products and I have to say I’ve been loving it. At first I was a little unsure if I wanted to keep at it but after a few times, I got the hang of it.

It does require some work. Doing your own nails can be intimidating if you’ve never done them before. Rest assured its not as hard as you make think. With the right nail products, it will be a cake walk. I’ve found I like taking the time to do my own nails, I pop on a show or some music and get to work. It is a peaceful time and you save so much money not paying salon prices, which is a bonus. Think of it as apart of your self care routine and I promise you’ll no longer need a nail salon.

A Good Nail Glue

When I do my manicures at home, I use press on nails all the time! These nail products are so easy to use and convenient because you just press them on with nail glue. With that being my preferred technique, a good quality nail glue is needed in my kit. One of my favorites to use is the Kiss brand. They have one particular glue which is their maximum speed nail glue. This glue keeps your nails on for a long time and is very affordable. 

A good glue will consist of quick drying and have strength to keep the nail on through out at least a week. Nail products that are easy to use and decent are not easy finds but this kiss nail glue is a gem. Let me tell you! Typically press ons last a week but I find with this glue it last two weeks! Nail glue can be used for other things like if you ripped your real nail or applying nail art like gems and stones. This is a great find for a great price!

Press On Nails

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my favorite nail product to use is press on nails. I love them! It saves you the hassle of having to go to a salon or painting my own nails. Both of those task require alot of time and patience. I, myself don’t always have either qualities. So, for me presson nails are the way to go! Alot of nail companies offer great salon-like designs. 

They really look like a professional did your nails. The other great thing about them is that all the shapes are perfect! On the back of the nails they have numbers to match their twin. This is to insure you won’t get confuse or have mix match nails on identical fingers.

With these nail products they offer a wide range of sizes, designs and lengths. They also offer plain nails that have no design, just in case you would like to polish your own. Kiss brand is also known for their press ons and not just their glue. I love the design patterns and shapes they have apart of their collection. You can’t go wrong trying out their nail products. I’ve tried so many designs and lengths and loved them all! You will too.

A Nail Care Kit

Another essential nail product needed for manicures is a nail care kit. This kit has the tools needed to maintain the health of your real nails underneath. Even if you do choose to wear false nails, it is always ideal to care for the real nail. This helps your natural nails to grow and be strong against the nail products you apply on top of them. I used to make the mistake of just swapping out nail sets without any nail care. This left my nails brittle and although they would grow in length, they would break off so easily. 

This kit should come with a nail buffer to shine up those nail beds. It had a nail file texture but is more soft and appropriate for your nail beds. The kit should also have a nail file, this is to shape the nail. Another important tool in this kit is cuticle cutters. These trim your cuticles and keep them from peeling and getting those cuts we so badly despise. I would also look for nail clippers and a cuticle pusher. All these nail products keep your natural popping under those beautiful nails we like!

Top Coat

A good top coat can literally save a bad nail job! Believe me I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. This nail product is definitely worth having if you are someone who paints their nails. This is the finishing layer that adds shine and durability to your manicure. I’ve found that this is the product to splurge on because it brings everything together.

Personally I love the Essie top coat. This top coat is shiny and is a quick drying formula. This nail product has saved quite a bit of my bad manicures. It does run you about ten dollars but it is worth every drop in the bottle! They do carry a matte option as well, it will not leave you disappointed.

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Nail Hardener

Ok! This one right here is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! With all the nail manipulating we do, keeping our nails strong is important. Just like anything on our bodies, wear and tear happens on our nails as well. Especially if you wear fake nails, the glue or acrylic damages the nail bed with every wear.

A nail hardener is like a top coat except this is like vitamins for your nails. It stops the brittle and breakage of your nail. Having flimsy nails are not fun, they are tender and break at the drop of a hat. Nail hardener helps nurse them back to health and adds a shiny look to them as well! 

Being your own nail tech is not a job easily done. With this list of nail products, you are your way to becoming just that! This the more affordable and convenient option in the times we are living in. I hope this list helps you in your endeavors with your nails. Take a deep breath and have fun! 

What nail products are you thinking of trying? Which nail product have you tried? How has doing your own nails challenged you? Let us know in the comments.

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