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10 Nail Polish Trends You Have To Try This Summer

Ever feel like your outfit is lacking that little extra something to really make it pop? Sometimes, a fun new nail polish trend is just the thing you need to spice up your Summer look! Check out these fun new styles that are sure to impress this year!

1. Marble Nails

As far as cool nail polish trends go, this is definitely one of the coolest. This is like the VIP treatment for you nails, and they’ll look like a million bucks by the time you’ve pulled off this look! Start with a base color (this can be just about any color, but natural colors look better because they tend to come out looking more like real marble) and allow your base coat to dry. Place a few drops of your “marbling” color (black or white works best for this) onto a plate. Take a small brush and make squiggly, random lines on your nails. Before this can dry, clean off your brush and use the wet brush to swirl the marble color all over your nail, leaving a unique pattern on each nail. Finish with your favorite glossy top coat and you’re all set! Your friends will think this look took hours, but only you’ll know just hoe simple it actually was!


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2. Attention To Detail

Because our nails are so teeny tiny, there’s not a whole lot we can really do to make a big impact. But small details are always a great way to go for a subtle yet eye-catching look! This nail polish trend features a half-moon accent right below your cuticle and a natural pinky polish to make that silver really pop! To get this look, start by painting your nails with your fave color and allow your nails to partially dry. Once your nails are tacky, use tweezers to remove a decal from your sheet. Line it up to where you want it before securing it by gently pushing down with your finger. Cover your nail (including the decal) with a light top coat to make sure your decals don’t go anywhere! This is a super cheap, super quick way to add those subtle details to your look!

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3. Mix and Matte

Matte nail polish is a huge trend right now, but a full matte look can get a little dull and boring. Spice it up by mixing and matching matte and glossy nails in different colors! Don’t have any matte colors? Not to worry! OPI makes it incredibly easy to turn ay of your go-to shades into matte polish with their matte top coat! Just paint your nails like you normally would, allowing ample time to dry. Then go back in on your nails with this matte top coat. You can literally watch your nails turn matte, with no extra effort on your part! If you are craving that little extra shine, take a glitter polish and apply it over your matte nails! 

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4. Bare Naked

Sometimes you just want to let it all hang out and go nude… we’re strictly talking about nails, of course. When you want that natural, bare look but you just feel weird with nothing on your nails, a nude polish is the way to go. The polish will cover up any dings, dents or imperfections on your nails and you’ll still feel bare and beautiful! Essie has tones of barely there shades to compliment just about every skin tone, and you’ll love how smooth and even the polish goes on!

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5. Clean And Bright

When people think “Summer nails”, they tend to immediately jump to neon colors to make their freshly tanned hands pop. This season, try something a little more out of the box and go for a stark white shade. The clean surface makes a HUGE impact, and the contrast of the white with your tan will make you look even tanner than a neon color would- and let’s be honest, white matches way more than that traffic cone orange you’ve been wearing all Summer. The most important thing to remember about white polish is to not get frustrated if it takes more than a coat or two to cover your entire nail. White nail polishes tend to be a little more opaque than a normal shade would, so it’s going to take you a little longer to get that look you’re going for. But you will absolutely LOVE the finished product!

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6. Ombre

Ombre nails are incredibly cute, and probably way easier than you’re thinking! For most of us, the thought of blending nail shades together on one nail is a frightening thought. This version of the ombre nail goes for a different yet equally adorable approach. Rather than having a separate ombre on each finger, go for a single ombre look on each hand! Grab five colors in the same color family and line them up from darkest to lightest. Take the lightest shade and apply it to your thumb. The darkest shade goes on your pinky, and the rest should follow a gradient to achieve the ombre vibe! Finish your nails off with a shiny top coat and you’re ready to rock!

7. Pearly Nails

We absolutely adore these pink nails! Pink can be one of those colors that we as grown women shy away from, because it makes us think of our elementary school days. This pink however, is super sophisticated. The pearly, opalescent finish on this polish is TOO sweet, and the almost neutral quality of the pink adds a mature element to this fun, flirty color. Sally Hanson’s Miracle Gel polish delivers a gel-like quality without all the hassle of actual gel, and you can do it yourself at home! Give it a try in the shade Out Of This Pearl to achieve this look this Summer!

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8. Rock The Dots

Polka dots are the perfect accent for any outfit, so they’re a clear crowd fave for nail styles. This polka dot look is super simple, and super fun! To achieve this look, use a natural polish on your nails and allow them to dry. For a fun twist, use a matte top coat to create extra contrast between your polka dots and your nails. Take a gold (or silver, any metallic color works) polish and dip a small brush into  the jar. Only use a small amount! We want our dots to be flushed with our nails. Create dots in varying sizes or keep it uniform! There’s really no wrong way to rock these polka dots!

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9. You’re Such A Gem

If you want a salon-quality manicure without having to pay ridiculous amounts for cute little extras, try getting yourself some crystal decals for your nails! Paint your nails with your base color and allow them to dry. Remove a decal with your tweezers and apply a small amount of nail glue to the back of the gem. Place the gem on your nail and move it to the position you’d like! Let the nail glue and repeat with as many gems as you’d like! This is a great trend to pair with the accent nail trend, and pick only one nail to deck out with these cute little stones. It will still pack a punch, but you won’t feel like you’ve got disco balls attached to your fingers!

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10. Holographic Nails

Holographic EVERYTHING is a huge trend at the moment, but tbh it can be a hard style to commit to. Start subtle with some holographic nails! The multi-toned polish leaves the most mesmerizing finish, and the rainb0w-like quality of the polish means your nails will look different in every light! 

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Which one of these nail trends is your fave for this Summer? Let us know in the comments!

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