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10 Nail Inspiration Pics To Take To Your Nail Tech

10 Nail Inspiration Pics To Take To Your Nail Tech

One of the hardest decisions in life is choosing what color to get on your nails. It’s not that we don’t see any colors that we love, it’s that we’re going to have to commit to this color and design for at least three weeks! If you’re like us, you stare into a nail polish bottle and think about all the future events you have planned and then the ones you’d don’t have planned yet.

Then you think about how this nail color is going to have to match every outfit for every occasion. Yea, it can get a little overwhelming. Our best advice is to try to live in the moment! What piques your interest at that moment? Don’t think too much about the future. But if you’re still having trouble choosing, we’ve got 10 nail inspiration pics to take to your nail tech for your next visit.

1. For Those with a Fear of Commitment

White is a perfect option for those of us who feel like their nails need to match their outfits. And since it is summertime, white is light and effortless color that stands out on all skin colors. Keep it casual with a bare hand or make it icy with gold or silver jewelry.


2. Pretty in Pink

Take a basic pink to the next level with this nail inspiration. Not only are these babies insanely sharp but their holographic color makes them so shiny they could almost blind someone. Everyone better watch out with you stepping out in these. These are the cutest weapons that’ll get you the most compliments.


3. I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly

We absolutely love jelly nails! It reminds of those jelly sandals we all used to wear as kids. Jelly nails bring back nostalgia but this nail inspiration is taking us into the future. I mean, who thought to put jewelry inside of nails? We don’t know but we do know that we need this right away.

4. Life Hack #404

A great tip when thinking about nail inspiration is to go with your favorite color. Even though it may not match every outfit, no matter what, you’ll always look down and love the color you have on. Below, we’ve put our favorite color (lavender) but this style works with any color that you love.


5. The Colors of $$

The way you present yourself to the world says a lot about you before you even open your mouth. This, of course, applies to how you get your nails done. If you’re looking to pull off an every day, girl next door look, then these next nails aren’t for you. This nail inspiration comes from the color of money! And it’s a style that’s going to tell people that you don’t care if guac is extra, you can afford it.


6. We Want it on Everything

If you follow any Instagram models or home decor youtube channels, you’ll realize a trend that’s been growing for quite some time; marble. If Instagram models aren’t using it as backgrounds for their skincare products, interior decorators are throwing it onto their customer’s kitchen counters. It’s everywhere! Are we crazy for loving it? You can guess where we wanna put it next.

7. Clear Out!

If you’re having trouble picking a nil color, don’t pick one. Our next nail inspiration photo is super creative and different! Leaving the nails clear is the decision to not make a decision. It also leaves the focus of your nails on the design themselves. Or if you choose to not get a design, the clear nails will be the best matching nude you could ever get for free!

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8. Pastel Please

It can feel like nails last forever but in the span of your life, they only last a fraction of a second. What we’re trying to say is that life is short! Experiment with your nails. Why not get every color? A good way to do that and not have the colors clash is to get them in pastel colors. Take a look below.


9. Coming in Hot

Let’s talk about red. It’s a strong and bold color. Studies have shown that people who wear red are thought to be more dominant and confident. Now, let us tell you about a killer combo; red lips and red nails. There’s nothing like a fresh set of red nails to say “I’m grown and I’ve got my ish together.” Trust us when we tell you that if you take this nail inspiration to your nail tech, you’re gonna walk out 100 percent that chick.


10. True Artistry

Lastly, but not least, if you’re looking for nail inspiration, take a piece of art with you and have them freestyle on your nails. You should have an amazing relationship with your nail tech and that means trusting them! If you can’t trust them to give you something that you’ll love, then maybe it’s time to find a new one. The nail art below is inspired by Picasso. 

Let us know in the comments below which nail inspiration is your favorite! 

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