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Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

Nail Ideas You're Going To Love For The Summer

Want to make a nailpression (nail + impression = nailpression. Combining these two words probably isn’t my finest moment) this summer? Then look no further! I decided to gather some nail ideas that you’ll love for the summer. Instead of the basic nudes (no shade nude lovers, I have a couple of amazing nail ideas for you as well!) I decided to make a list of 8 nail ideas that are not only fun and unique, but will also help you look trendy AF this summer!

1. Daisy Me Rollin’

Roll into your next summer party with these nails and people will not be able to take their eyes off your hands. Is that weird? Maybe. But who cares when this nail idea is so incredibly perfect for the summer! The yellow colour is vibrant and perfect for the summer while the daisies add the perfect amount of detail to these nails. The fact that the daisies are drawn on clear nails rather than the on top of the yellow colour really makes this nail idea unique – you should definitely try it out!

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

2. Send Nudes

For all the lovers of nude shades out there, this one’s for you. Have you ever gone to the nail salon and couldn’t decide between which of the five nude shades would be perfect for you? Why not get all of them then? This nail idea is simple yet unique. It’s kind of like ombre, but instead of on one nail, this ombre effect takes place by painting each nail from light to dark. It’s perfect if you want something that says “I’m different and original but also I don’t want to shout that fact in your face.”

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

3. Road Trip

If you plan on taking a road trip this summer or if you love travelling, you’ll love this nail idea! What’s better than expressing your love for travel than nails with a map as a design? Although this looks like one of the more complex nail ideas, this look is easy to achieve. You just need to paint your nails white and use rubbing alcohol to stick the map pieces on the nails. Top it off with clear polish and you’re set for your next road trip!

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

4. If You Like Pina Coladas

This nail idea is great if you actually do like Pina Coladas or if you just love pineapples. Pineapples are a great summer fruit and these nails would be great for an island vacay! I love how the design of the pineapple is split between two nails so that when you bring both nails together, a full pineapple is formed. With these nails, you have the perfect Instagram worthy shot of a beach in the background and your nails at the center of it all!

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

5. No Vacay? No Problem

If you’re not going on a vacation any time soon, take your nails on a vacation instead! With the palm tree design, this nail idea is perfect for those whose mind is already in vacation mode. The mix of the pinkish nude with black and white keeps this look toned down and simple enough to wear as an everyday look.

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

6. Basic… But Make It (High) Fashion

Listen, sometimes all we want are nudes. Wait no that doesn’t sound right. All I mean is, sometimes we need a break from all the fancy nail ideas and bright colours. That’s why this nail idea is amazing. It keeps the look on top plain and simple; a basic nude that never hurt anybody. But on the inside? That’s where things get interesting. These Louboutin nails give the look a little extra something and turn what would be a basic look (#noshade) into something that’s a bit more trendy.

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Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

7. Cool (Blue) For The Summer

These cool blue nails are perfect for the summer. With the oceanic vibes these nails give off, you may as well be shouting “summer is here everybody!” This look is toned down enough that it can be paired with mostly everything and it also looks very chic.

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

8. Neon Who?

If you’re over the idea that neon colours = summer, I hear ya. Whatever happened to some good old pastel shades? I say we start a petition to make pastels the new summer colours. If you’re looking for some fun nail ideas but not, you know, bright and neon coloured, these nails say hello. This nail look will match any and everything you wear and it’s also great for any occasion!

Nail Ideas You’re Going To Love For The Summer

Are you going to be trying any of these nail ideas this summer? Let us know which ones caught your eye in the comments below!

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