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10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

As the seasons change, so does my nail color. I have the habit of planning my nails accordingly with the seasons and holidays. For example, burgundy nails in the fall months and light pink in the spring. I rarely ever do designs on my nails anymore, but it is something I’d love to get back into doing. Cute little gingerbread men for Christmas might be my next plan!

Fall colors are so magical. All the various shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s hard to settle for which color I’d call my favorite. They’re all just so pretty. Anyway, I bring you a list full of various cute and stylish nail designs to try for this fall. Whether you take one of these nail ideas to the salon or use it to try on yourself at home, getting creative when it comes to nails is more fun than you may think. There’s enough room to be creative too! Especially when it comes to the following ideas..

1. Glitter Blood and Pumpkin Nails

What’s Halloween without any pumpkin decorations? Nails included. The great thing about this nail look is the fact that it combines both Halloween and fall in general. It touches on Halloween with the silver/glittery blood drip and fall with the baby pumpkins. If you like to draw, this can be a fun experiment for you!

Get the full look here:

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

2. Frosted Burgundy Matte Nails

Matte nails have been in for a while now and there’s no telling why. They’re cute, different, and look really freaking cool in general. Add a frosty look to the mix and they make the matte look even prettier! The cool thing about these nails is the fact that they can be worn for any occasion or event, no matter the season. They can be worn for a wedding, a birthday party, to class…there’s really no limit. Long or short, both the shade and overall look will grant you plenty of compliments.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

3. White Thanksgiving Nails

How cute are these ones? White nails, regardless of the season, are extremely stylish and always in season. The different colors of the leaves against the white leave a fun yet cute nail look for the fall. To make this idea your own, feel free to change the colors of the leaves! Or just change one of the colors out for a color like red. I really happen to like the green, yellow, and orange shades they already have though.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

4. Snoopy Inspired Nails

This one is for all you classic movie lovers. Growing up, I remember A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving coming on every year around the time of Thanksgiving. I never payed too much attention to it, but I can say that I appreciate how cute the characters are. Especially Snoopy! These nails, inspired by Snoopy himself, will have you never wanting them to chip off.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

5. Gold Leaf Coffin Nails

Coffin shaped nails are pretty popular and it will probably remain that way for some time. These nails in particular have a cool touch of gold to the nude base, a bright gloss applied over both for the perfect finishing touch. These practically scream festive! The leaf-like pattern of the gold works up to the tips to create the illusion of leaves falling off a tree. At least it appears that way to me. If you’re completing this nail look at home by yourself and aren’t wearing coffin nails, you can just turn it into a regular manicure instead! Apply a base coat, the nude polish, then start to make small random-shaped pieces of gold that mock a leaf, carefully applying them to your nails afterwards. Once you’re done with that, finish off with a top coat and you’re good to go.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

6. Glitter Gradient

These nails are different in the best way possible. They give off all the fall feels simply from the way they look, warm and cozy. The base for the gradient is “Hue Are You?” by Diamond Cosmetics. It’s a perfectly dark, deep rosy mauve with loads of glitter in it, making it a great match for a gradient golden tip.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

7. Multicolored Nails

These nails looks like a bunch of different colored fall leaves piled up together. The design on the middle finger nail adds a slight pop of color too! You’re sure to receive compliments on these if you wear them to Thanksgiving dinner.

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10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

8. Acorn Nail Design

This nail idea might seem weird to some, but I find it pretty darn cute. And besides, there’s no fall without acorns! For the base polish, it would be best to use a light nude or beige color. This will ensure that the dark brown part of the acorn stands out the most, making it easy to tell what you painted on your nail. Also, feel free to not add on as many acorns as you see in the photo. If you only want one or two, you can keep it at that number.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

Out of this entire list, this nail look is my favorite. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic movie, one that I have to watch every year before Halloween comes around. After stumbling across this look, I’m considering getting it myself! On it, you have Jack Skellington, the Spiral Hill (an iconic landmark in the film), and some parts of the graveyard. You’re welcome, Nightmare Before Christmas fans.

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

10. Ombre Nails

It’s time to hop on board with the ombre nail trend. And believe it or not, they are not as difficult to achieve as you may think. If you really wanted to, you could use fall-inspired colors, but this clear/light pink look, in my opinion, works just as great for the autumn season. It’s crisp, cute, and simple.

To find out how to get these cute ombre nails, click on the photo below (which will have a YouTube tutorial in it).

10 Nail Ideas To Try For This Upcoming Fall

Which of these fall-inspired nail ideas was your favorite? Leave a comment down below!

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