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8 Nail Ideas For The Winter Season

8 Nail Ideas For The Winter Season

Fall nails and the winter season are among us and have proved their iconic statement designs. We’re giving you 8 nail ideas for the colder months ahead that will bring some joy!

1. Leopard Print

Animal prints as a choice for fall nails are a huge hit. You can mix and match with this design by choosing to do it only on one nail, having the rest be a solid color. You can also have them all as leopard prints with one nail being a solid color, usually the ring finger. 

I love animal prints on my nails! Animal prints have been a huge trend, especially this year in beauty and fashion. It has been big on eyeshadow looks and has made its way to the nail art aspect. You can combine the colors of a leopard print nail into your other nails by having two solid colors, two animal prints and one glitter or gold nail like the photo shown below. 


Using the tones of black, brown and grey are great for the pumpkin season upon us! 

2. Sheer Neutral

I love a good sheer neutral look. You may think that it is too plain or too simple but I feel like it pops out more than any other design. There is something about the simplicity and beauty of a sheer nail look that can attract a lot of eyes. I love using pinks and nudes as colors for my sheer nails! 


Nudes and beige colors are amazing for the fall and winter. They bring in tones of warmth and blend in with sweaters, dresses and boots. The photo below is one that I have gotten before and looks great with any outfit combination! They glow in the sun and for the winter days, still manage to pop off and shine. 

3. Dark and Bold

Dark and bold is the go to move for fall nails or the winter season itself. Bringing in blues, blacks and shades of grey can really add to the feel of snow and even Christmas. You can get creative with this one as well by adding in elements of gold or silver to take it up a notch! 


I have always been scared to try dark colors because I am used to getting pinks and lighter colors at my nail place. However this year, I am feeling a little daring and will definitely try out this navy color below! 

4. Plaid Detail

This is a unique design that you don’t see often, but it is definitely cute and perfect for the winter. When I think of plaid, I immediately think of sweaters, warmth and texture. It also gives off school-girl vibes like how a uniform would have some plaid in it and I think that is so cute. Plaid nails are IN for the winter as well as fall seasons and you have to try this design out. 


I’m absolutely in love with the plaid detail trend! Whether you want it on all of your nails or only on one, it will look good no matter what. I am so stoked to try this one out and you should too! 

5. Negative Space

Negative space has been something that is new and upcoming in the beauty world. I love the way this one is made because you can decide how the color should be painted on. You can swipe it as a diagonal leaving negative space in the rest of your nail, or make intricate shapes with your color of choice. Rings are a great accessory to add with any nail design, especially a negative space one. Accessories add a great bling to your nails! 


This is one of my favorites because it combines the french mani with a twist of funky designs! This trend has recently made its way to the top of 2020 trends and I am living for it. Lots of people get a different color on each nail to shake things up but you can always choose one solid color all throughout. Either one will look cute! 

6. Metallics

Metallics aren’t something I have tried before, but I know is a huge hit. They can catch your eye from a great distance and have people gushing on where exactly you got them done. The beauty if it is the illusion it gives off when the sun reflects on these nails and it works with any color you choose. Don’t be afraid to add in other elements of design to your metallic nails and get crazy! 

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I definitely need to get my friends onto this trend because I’ve grown onto it. I didn’t like it the first time I got it until I randomly found myself looking it up to add to my Pinterest board. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! 


7. French Mani

A classic French Mani is never going to go out of style. It is perfect for any season which is the best part. For the fall and winter season specifically, going with the basic white or spicing it up with a blue hue will make your fall nails shine. 

If you don’t want to have just a basic French mani, you can always add detail to it with different designs. Adding a design to the ring finger, golden specks or even a bow can really change up the look. 


8. Gold or Glitter

The best detail to add to your fall nails or winter nails is some glitter. Gold or glitter details can go a long way and add extra merriment during the holidays. Get creative and include some cool designs/colors that would go with a little sparkle. 

In addition to the gold or glitter, you can combine these with a metallic if you are really looking for some pop of color. It sounds blinding but if you are open to new ideas and getting creative, I would highly recommend going for it. 


Have you tried any of these nail ideas? Tell us in the comments! 

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