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10 Nail Growth & Maintenance Tips & Tricks

10 Nail Growth & Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Consuming anxiousness and bad habits enlightened us to slow down and bring change to how we take care of ourselves this year. Our nails say a lot about our overall health, and maintaining them is an easy way to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as understand what our body needs. Keeping them strong and ready for a nice polish is also another reason to keep your nails in check. In order to grow and maintain your nails, check out this list of 10 tips and tricks that’ll last you a lifetime. 

1. Use cuticle oil

Your cuticles are a clear protective layer of skin located along the edge of your finger. Cuticles protect you from bacteria and infections, which is why it’s super important to keep them nourished and soft. So restrain from biting and picking at them! Instead, make sure to use cuticle oil for healthy cuticles every day; this will help seal in moisture and make your nails look fantastic over time. Moreover, look for cuticle oil that has jojoba and vitamin e oil. These oils help with dryness and have antibacterial as well as healing properties! 


2. Use nail-biting treatments

There are so many people who incessantly bite their nails that also want to break the bad habit before it gets any worse. Fortunately, there are several nail-biting treatments out there that tackle this issue by creating formulas that have unpleasant tastes to help your nails blossom. The genius formulations and treatments are endless and assure your nails to grow without biting cravings getting in the way. Make sure to find nail-biting treatments that are approved by professionals and start using them today!

3. Eat a well-balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet helps with your overall health and mood, making it unsurprising that eating well and getting the right nutrients in your body will keep your nails strong and long. If you feel like your nails are getting brittle and are breaking, make sure to look at your diet and what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Make sure you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as getting all your vitamins and proteins in the meals you eat regularly. In doing so, you’ll encounter fewer issues that your nails will thank you for!


4. Take supplements

If you have a restrictive diet or aren’t able to eat all the right foods for a well-balanced one, try taking supplements to fulfill the number of vitamins you’re lacking. Before you take any type of supplement, make sure to see a doctor and check your blood for any deficiencies you might have. More importantly, check your iron and folate levels. Both iron and folate indicate the number of red blood cells you have as they relate to iron deficiency and anemia. These deficiencies have a major impact on your health and also make your nails brittle and stop them from growing. Talk to your doctor about this and check out folic acid, iron, and multivitamin supplements for your nails. 


5. Be mindful of daily activities

If you’ve been on a nail journey and have seen progress with you’re now-impressive talons, make sure to maintain them by being mindful of daily activities. Opening a soda can and pressing buttons can weaken your nails, so try to find ways around these tasks. While it might not always be possible, attempting to do so will pay off in the long run. Maintaining your successes is important, so always get creative!

6. Wear nail polish

A great and fun tip to maintain and grow your nails is to wear nail polish. Wearing nail polish will make you feel guilty for biting your nails and make it harder to do so. Nail polish is a layer of protection for your nails and keeps water away and binds nail cells together. This is an easy trick that prevents water damage and strengthens your nails through science! If you don’t paint your nails already, it’s never too late to start!


7. Massaging your nails 

Massaging your nails stimulates growth by increasing blood circulation. You want your cells to be kicking and working for them to grow, so make sure to gently massage your cuticle oil, oil of choice, and lotion to see a difference. Warming up your nail beds and relaxing them will do wonders! Try doing this every night if you can to see results. 

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8. File & clip your nails

Something everyone needs to do regularly is filing and clipping their nails. When it comes to filing, make sure to dampen your nails and then gently file them. Doing this swiftly and smoothly in one direction is the most effective way to keep your nails strong whilst being free of any snags. Trimming your nails is also essential, with its importance varying on the job and lifestyle you have. If you experience ingrown nails or need your nails at an appropriate length, a nail trimmer will always come in handy and can help with growth. These are maintenance musts for everyone!


9.  Use acetone-free nail polish remover

When removing nail polish, you have to be gentle, especially if you’re already dealing with nail breakage. High concentrations of acetone in nail polish remover can be extremely damaging. Instead, use an acetone-free nail polish remover to prevent your nails from losing moisture and drying out. There are even nail polish removers with light and moisturizing oils like jojoba and almond oil that are amazing for your skin and nails. 

10. Keep your hands dry

Lastly, try keeping your hands dry. Really wet nails lead to flattening which also leads to your nails becoming weaker. Even though COVID-19 makes this last tip difficult to do, there are many hacks to avoid getting your nails soaked every day and protect them from water. Wear gloves when you wash dishes, wear nail polish all the time, and dry your hands right away. These are just a few ways that will help your nails stay dry and strong!


This list of tips and tricks will undoubtedly make your nails a topic of conversation. What tip/trick will you implement in your nail care routine? Let us know in the comments below!