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5 Nail Designs You Can Do At Home

5 Nail Designs You Can Do At Home

5 Nail Designs You Can Do At Home

Manicures can be so expensive and the nail designs can be so fleeting, there one minute and washed away the next. Being able to class yourself up and practice self-care make this nail exploration a win-win. These 5 nail designs are easy enough to do at home so you can have a creative outlet and chic nails to boot.

1. Connect The Dot’s

The nail designs are endless and the same goes with dots. You can make some flowers or even a nice evil eye design to ward off all the evil spirits. The nail is your canvas and you are the painter.

Get a tooth pick or a pencil and you can make any design your pretty little mind can make up. Pick a color you love and run with it.


2. Ooh La La

The  french do so many things right and the french tip is definitely one of them. You could do a french manicure with a twist like a bright color instead of the classic white. It’s easy enough if you use the tip of the nail polish brush as a way of creating that french tip.

When it comes to nail designs this one is pretty simple but brings so much class and style to that little hand of yours.


3. Geometric Gems

The beauty of these nails is there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Abstract art is all about self-expression so take a small paint brush and draw away. You can make lines or intersecting shapes to give your nails more dimension.

One trick is also taking tape and placing it where you want two colors to be divided. Paint one side then remove the tape and paint the other. You can create a variety of looks without having to pay exorbitant prices at the nail salon. Create a geometric gem that speaks to you!


4. Starry Night

Create the night’s sky on those beautiful nails of yours. Nail designs don’t always have to involve so much effort. You can buy a clear nail polish that already has those little stars floating in it and paint away. You can layer it on for a starry night effect or keep it simple with one or two coats.

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They also sell little jars of these stars separately in case you want to add one to a different color backdrop. Make sure to buy nail glue while your there! Gotta make those stars stick.


5. The Cheat Code

Stickers! That’s right we’re taking it back to your childhood days where stickers were a commodity. The beauty of this cheat code is that you can have a multitude of prints without racking up a $100 tab. You can find roll on stickers at your local drugstore or check out the endless prints online.

The leopard print stickers are a personal fav. Whichever way you put it nail stickers are the easiest way to get a bold and popping print without having to leave the comfort of your own home.


Next time you want to liven up your nails remember you can get crafty with it. Find a toothpick or a small paint brush and create a look unique to you. There are no rules when it comes to how you express yourself so let your nails be your canvas. Skip the bill for your next mani and try out one these at home designs. Your nails and wallet will thank you for it! Which at home manicure will you try first? Let us know what tricks work for you down below.

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