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The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

Nail colors can be flashy personality indicators, which is why getting used to a new look can take time. Don’t scratch these babies off, your tan post-summer self is gonna thank you for all the pictures you take of these cute nails. Paint them yourself, ask a friend, or get them done, all three will provide you with a fun way to wind down and feel confident about your fun in the sun!

1. Red Nails

Cruella De Vil, while we may never forget what you did to those poor dogs, your nails certainly slayed while you were doing it. For real though, these nails scream self-assurance and are bold. Don’t let that one time you stained your cuticles red stop you from trying out this cool look. Red goes with almost everything, so whatever you wear is gonna look a whole lot more fun with these added to your look!

The self-confidence required to “pull off” red nails might feel like something to build up to, but it’s more of a cliff you just have to climb. Test it out, match it to different items of your outfit, and decide whether or not bright nail polish is really your thing. You either love it or you hate it!

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

2. Plain Old Black nails

The bands are here, baby! Get those outfits prepped, we’re hitting up concerts, conventions, and festivals alike. Black is classic, whether or not punk is the way you roll. They’ll stand out stark against your skin, and are the perfect opportunity to pair with a new eye shadow or lipstick look. Go dark, go shiny, and wear a black or neon top that’ll make everything else pale in comparison to the sheer level of cool you’re oozing!

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

3. Orange Nails

Not sure what it is about color theory and warm tones that make this phenomenon possible, but light orange nails look good on everybody. Go for a darker or brighter orange the darker the tone of your skin, lighter orange for a pale complexion. That cream-sickle aesthetic is going to be the cutest pastel palette you’ve ever played with.

Switch it up and alternate colors with light or hot pink to keep things interesting if you get bored. A soft, rounded nail shame is the best with these colors if you’re leaning towards the lighter side of the polish-color spectrum. Try out some green or blue shirts, experiment with overalls, and find your own sense of contentment within the community of summer fashion gurus!

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

4. Sparkly Nails

Throw on that plain T-shirt, but we’re going to be sure to go the full mile. Sparkly nail polish might seem like it should only appear at 6-year-old birthday parties, but the practical applications are extensive as well. For example:

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  1. It’s cute
  2. The sparkles are nice to look at
  3. They’re delightful

Need I go on with such an impressive resume? Call back your childhood roots, or the longing for a carefree time. With so many shiny red carpet dresses making their way into the public eye, shiny nail polish is a fun way to embrace some of the celeb glamour without having to get all done up yourself. Be careful to avoid this particular style if you’re planning on using ASL for the sake of your conversational partner. Remember, glitter is only as tasteless as we let it be!

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

5. Rainbow Nails

It’s pride month, which means we’re busting out the rainbow nails in full fashion. Whether or not you’re part of the LGBT+ community, there’s no harm in providing some silent reassurance and support. Use the different colors you’ve accrued over the years (or the obscure ones you’ve been eyeing at the nail salon) and let’s get cracking! Love is love, baby.

The 5 Nail Colors You’ve Been Dying To Try

Which nail colors will you paint your nails? Let us know in the comments below! 

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