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Nail Colors To Rock That Will Make You Look And Feel Like A Boss

Nail Colors To Rock That Will Make You Look And Feel Like A Boss

Nail Colors To Rock That Will Make You Look And Feel Like A Boss

An outfit, shoes, hair and makeup can be essential to your everyday look and a manicure can add to it and take it to the next level. Don’t doubt the power of a nice manicure. You can make it your own and add interesting designs or keep it simple with one shade. Throw on some rings and bracelets and throw your hands in the air so everyone can see the boss you are. Painting your nails is a fun, relaxing, and uplifting time for you if you’re ever feeling down and the color you choose will set the mood for the rest of your week, so choose wisely. This article is all about Nail Colors To Rock That Will Make You Look And Feel Like A Boss!

1. French Manicure

The simple but classy french manicure will take any outfit and make it more elegant and put together. Wearing a dress and rocking a french manicure? You’ll look like you’re on your way to high tea. Simply beautiful. Wearing sweatpants and fighting a mean cold? You’ll look slightly put together and not like total death. This nail color will have you looking like a CEO business woman. Go ahead and fight for equal pay, you can do it all with this nail color.


2. Red Nails

As far as nail colors go red has always been a color that makes you look seductive. This is the perfect color for date night with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Steal their heart and make them fall in love with you, they won’t be able to resist you.

3. Black Nails

A nail color that is perfect for an edgy style or just to have you looking like a total bad ass. No one will want to mess with you with this color on. Black goes with anything so you’ll never have to worry about it clashing with your outfit.

4. White Nails

Not the opposite of black nails because you can be a bad ass with any nail color on, but this nails color will stand out more because of the vibrancy of it. Rock this color in the summer because it never goes out of style.


5. Yellow Nails

Perfect for the summer time. Be daring and try this color out, it may surprise you and it’s fun to play with color. Plus, it’s a happy color so why not put it on your nails and look at it everyday!

6. Bright Teal Nails

Again, another color to put you in a good mood. If anybody thinks it’s obnoxious then they don’t know how to have fun. Nails colors and designs are just an extension of art so don’t be afraid to mix it up!


7. Maroon Nails

This nails colors is perfect for winter time, you’ll look cozy, fashionable and totally ready for Christmas. Add a design to it like the photo below or keep it simple with just the color.

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8. Nude Nails

This nails colors will go with anything and everything. Just like the french manicure it’s another way to look elegant and put together. Also, a color that you can match with anything.


9. Grey Nails

Along with black nails this nails colors is more on the edgy side but still will give the confidence you need.

10. Lavender Nails

This nail color will have you looking sweet, and kind but that shouldn’t mean you can’t be a bad ass, tough woman. This is the perfect spring nail color, not too bold but still colorful.


What nail colors do you feel most confident in neutrals or something bright? Comment below!

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