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8 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real

8 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real

Mythical creatures are the real deal, to some of us at least. These are the coolest mythical creatures that deserve to be real.

When we were little, every mythical creature was real to us. I mean, all the stories surrounding these creatures had to have some truth to them in order to exist, right? (What even is fiction?) As we got older, though, the “myth” in “mythical” became all to real for us as logic and rationality proceeded to steal the innocence that resided behind our youthful eyes. Still, as adults, it’s fun to think about which of these mythical creatures we wish were real because sometimes reality is fun to escape from.

1. Phoenix

Before it was a city in Arizona, the Phoenix was a mythical bird that literally burns up as it dies and then a new baby phoenix emerges from the ashes. (Ya’ll seen Dumbledore’s bird in Harry Potter, right?) The main reason we wish that this mythical creature were real, though, is the fact that it’s basically immortal via reincarnation. Think of the possibilities this could hold for finiteness of human life if we were to study it (and possibly harness this emerging from ashes thing). Then death wouldn’t be this forever thing, but something as simple as exploding into flames and a new baby you crawling out of a pile of burnt up you.

phoenix mythical creature real


2. Zombies

Out of all of the mythical creatures on this list, Zombies are probably the ones that have the most possibility of being real (albeit from a virus that turns humans into cannibals, not quite the whole undead thing). They aren’t on this list for being the closest to real, though, they are on this list because we wish that were real. Let’s be honest, a zombie outbreak could be pretty cool because we all like to think of ourselves as a Rick Grimes type. If zombies existed, then we could all put our “Walking Dead” knowledge to use and give some validation to how badass we think we would be in this sort of apocalypse.

The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

3. Dragons

Even before the era of “Game of Thrones,” we all wanted dragons to be real. Big giant dinosaurs that fly and breath fire, who doesn’t want that to actually exist? Sure they seem like they could do massive damage to basically everything with, again, their ability to fly and spew flames. If the “How To Train Your Dragon” series has taught us anything, though, its that these creatures are actually quite misunderstood and allow us to use them as personal flying machines. With as many different breeds as dogs, these mythical creatures (if they were real) would provide us with new pets that serve functional purposes as pets along with helping us save huge amounts of money by not having to buy overpriced airline tickets.


4. Fairies

If you were a hardcore Disney fan growing up, you could argue that fairies are real because you need to believe in them in order to revive Tinkerbell (which I’m pretty sure happened in Peter Pan). Sadly they do not exist, but we all wish they did. Their quite and small stature aside, apparently they possess magical powers as well. Also consider this mathematical equations: Fairy + Godmother = Fairy Godmother. That’s right, if these lil guys existed we could have fairy godmothers who would look over us and grant us any wish we desire. We are not so keen on their small, gross insect wings, but hey, will look past that if they give us a little bit of that magicicky-magic, ya feel?

5. Mermaids

Before we get any further, no, manatees are not real life mermaids. Ok, moving on. Having mermaids be real would be pretty killer because we could ask them about any questions that we have about the ocean and the animals that live inside it. Questions like, are sharks misunderstood? Who’s the biggest prankster in the ocean? You know, the burning questions that the public needs answers to. Sadly, an answer will likely never come as these mythical creatures have not proved that they are real or they have seen how crazy humans are and have decided to steer clear).

Florida manatee floating in water

6. Vampires

The blood drinking thing is a little gross, but the living forever thing isn’t. What’s even cooler about vampires is that you stay the same age that you were whenever you became one. Fretting about turning 40 and getting wrinkles and maybe lose your hair? Fret not, just become a vampire around like 25 or 30 or so and be in your prime forever. Apparently, “real life” vampires exist, but the “real” ones like feed off blood for energy reasons rather than hunger? It’s weird and I’m still a skeptic (as are most people except for the “vampires), so for the purpose of this list we will still consider this mythical creature as a thing of legend.

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7. Werewolves

The classic debate of werewolves versus vampires is still quite divisive, but this list isn’t about which of these is better rather that we all want both to be real. So we all love dogs, I don’t even need to phrase that as a question because I’m pretty sure that it’s true. Imagine the idea of becoming a crazy dog-human hybrid, that would be insane. You’d run faster, have a more acute sense of smell, and heal crazy quick. In some iterations of werewolves, they possess immortality as well. The economy would benefit as well as werewolves could double as guard dogs (or just security in general) opening up a whole new sector of jobs that was previously done by regular canines.

8. Unicorns

Of course unicorns would make this list. They are the top dog when it comes to mythical creatures that everyone wishes was real. For the most part, they are a regular horse with a freakin’ horn that comes out of their skulls. They may possess some sort of magical powers, but that’s whatever because THEY HAVE A FREAKIN’ HORN THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR SKULL. Unicorns also have some connection to rainbows and sparkles so thats pretty cool as well. People want unicorns to be real so bad that Bronies exist, which is insane. It’s probably a good thing, though, that they don’t exist because they’d probably quickly go extinct from people hunting them for sport and selling their horns for a crazy amount of money.


Which mythical creatures do you wish was real? Let us know in the comments!

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