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Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

One of the many ways we can learn more about ourselves and the way we view the world is by taking the Myers-Briggs type (or 16 Types) personality test to figure out just what it is you value and how you show it, based on whether or not you’re more (I)ntroverted or (E)xtroverted; (S)ensing or i(N)tuitive; (T)hinking or (F)eeling; (J)udging or (P)erceiving.

If you haven’t discovered your Myers-Briggs type yet, here’s a great free resource to do so. 

Another really fun thing to do once you’ve done it is to figure out just which fictional characters you can relate to and why… sometimes you can spend hours on sites like personality cafe, debating over why your favorite character is the most like your tye, etc, etc… but whatever your argument, its important to remember this is actually just for fun. 
So without any further ado, here are some iconic television characters according to their Myers-Briggs type. 

INTJ-Dana Scully (The X Files)

Sometimes called “The Architect,” the INTJ is analytical but decisive, passionately curious but controlled… not unlike Agent Dana Scully from the hit science fiction show, The X Files. 

Like most INTJs, Scully remains rational in spite of the inconsistencies she engages with on a daily basis with her partner, Agent Mulder. Someone’s gotta bring the space cadet down to earth now and again, and that’s exactly what Scully is there to do. She wants to follow the rules, do things by the book…but when her partner needs her, you know Scully will be there. She’s the skeptic to his believer, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

INTP-Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99) 

Detective Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn 99 exhibits many of the typical qualities of an INTP. She’s honest to the point of being abrasive and insensitive, sometimes condescending and definitely very fiercely private about her personal life. 

She’s also wickedly smart, incredibly loyal and more open to advice and personal growth than her tough-exterior would suggest. Sure, her way may be the best way, but she’s willing to hear you out, too. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ENTJ-Michael Scott (The Office)

Michael Scott’s The Boss, or at least he tries to be. He’s stubborn as hell, and when things don’t go his way it’s a bad experience for everyone. This can lead to some of the worst of the ENTJ’s traits, including arrogance and intolerance, but Michael’s got a lot of good about him too. 

He’s generally incredibly positive and supportive of those who work for him, energetic and passionate about everything that he loves to do. Even if he can be a little goofy, Michael can be a bit inspiring at times, too. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ENTP-Detective Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99)

Ah, Jake. Goofball, ridiculous cop extraordinaire. Like many ENTPs, Jake is ready to go all day, every day: he’s got a snappy comeback for everything. This can be a lot of fun or a tremendous nuisance depending on the context, and Jake can’t always tell the difference until he’s in hot water with his S/O or his boss. Whoops. 

Also like many ENTPs, Jake’s competitive side means that he is not always the most mature one at the table. You try telling him life isn’t all about winning. You’re not going to win that one. But he’s got a lot of the great qualities of an ENTP too: he’s full of unique ideas, charismatic and ready for anything. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

INFJ-Chidi Adagonye (The Good Place)

Chidi Adagonye is what happens when you put an indecisive person with anxiety into academia for 10+ years to study the inconclusive field of philosophy.

Oh, what a mess.

As an INFJ, Chidi idealistically wants to make a difference, to know, as his thesis puts it, “What We Owe To Each Other.” He knows how to inspire his students to study and to learn, and to desire to become better human beings, even if he’s still torn about his own contributions to the world at large. When he’s doing well, he’s confident-especially ethically and has the conviction he needs to get the job done. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

INFP-Fox Mulder (The X Files) 

The truth is out there, and Agent Mulder thinks its somewhere among the stars. Is it aliens? Maybe. He hasn’t checked that off his list just yet. 

As an INFP, Mulder is an idealist, guided by his inner beliefs more than strict rules, facts, or logic (and driving his partner crazy along the way). This can be a weakness of his if he’s not careful, but its also what makes him and Scully work so well, as they balance one another out. When things are going right, his dedication to his work, no matter how seemingly far-fetched, is enough to help them win the day. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ENFJ-Jessica Day (The New Girl)

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! Jessica Day is a big sweetheart, working to make her school a better place. Sure, she has her awkward moments, but a lot of that comes from how sensitive and overly idealistic she can be.

This means that when she has her “highs” the world is full of sparkles and rainbows, but when she’s hit with a case of the “lows,” she thinks she’s the absolute worst. Luckily, as an ENFJ, Jess gets by with a little help from her friends. She’s always there for them, so when she needs them, they’re ready to come to her rescue. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ENFP-Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)

You’re not going to find someone as passionate or optimistic about her job as Leslie Knope, and she puts a little bit of that passion in everything she does. This can lead towards a tendency to get overwhelmed when she’s stressed out, but she always makes it back down again.

As an ENFP, Leslie is a super relational person, and she takes each relationship super personally. This can be seen in all of the little details she remembers about everyone and all her thoughtful gifts. If anyone is going to notice you got a new haircut, it’s Leslie. She’s there for you every step of the way. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ISTJ-Captain Ray Holt (Brooklyn 99)

Captain Raymond Holt is an enigma, and he likes it that way. As someone who exhibits many of the signs of an ISTJ, Holt is practical, logical, and exceedingly dedicated to his job. He’s organized, stoic and seemingly dispassionate, too, but anything could be further from the truth.

Holt has many hidden joys and a very happy marriage, even if it doesn’t look especially romantic or exciting from the outside. Also like an ISTJ, he has a tendency to be stubborn and judgy, but Holt surrounds himself with many different people who have accepted him and who he’s learned to accept too. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ISFJ-The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Now, this one can be a little tricky, as The Doctor has inhabited so many bodies over so many years, and thereby has also exhibited many different personality quirks… however, the ISFJ can encompass many of them and do it well.

As “The Defender,” The Doctor is themself a protective figure,  always looking out for humanity no matter the personal cost. Imaginative, creative, loyal, and enthusiastic, what The Doctor wants most is to share a little bit of the universe with a friend or two. 

As an ISFJ, The Doctor can sometimes get themself in trouble by taking on too much, endangering their own life or leading to much personal pain down the line. However, usually, their belief in humanity is luckily matched by the sparkling response of their companions, who are there to remind them why they fight the good fight when they get tired along the way.  

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ESTJ-Dwight Schrute (The Office)

Dwight is an ESTJ, through and through. From his black-and-white thinking to his ability to actually apologize when he’s made a mistake, he definitely fits within the range of his type. 

While his stubbornness can get him into trouble, this willfulness can also be a positive attribute at times, especially when it comes to helping out a friend. 

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Like many ESTJs, Dwight loves order and organizing…and yes, some people like to take advantage of that by throwing him in messy situations, but its nothing he can’t handle. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ESFJ-Tahani Al Jamil (The Good Place)

Tahani is the beautiful, wealthy, altruistic queen of The Good Place: she exists to lay hostess and throw parties and social events for all of her many famous best friends. 

In other words, like many ESFJs, Tahani is popular…and she likes it that way. This can come with the dreaded other side of the coin: her own fear about her social status (especially in comparison to her sister’s) and worrying if anyone actually truly likes her at all. When things are going great, she’s loyal and ready to help at a moments notice… it’s just remembering not to let her whole identity center around how much people need her that’s the ticket.  
Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ISTP-Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec)

Ron Swanson: an iconic character with an iconic mustache. While he doesn’t appear to gain any joy from his job (or any government work), like ISTPs, Ron gets a lot of joy from building things with his hands. 

While Ron may be more set in his ways than the average ISTP, he’s a great foil for his work wife, Leslie. Where she’s hyper and idealistic, he’s grounded and down to earth. 

The other side of that is that while he can be an incredibly private man, Leslie (and his other friends) can work to help him out of his stubbornness and see exactly why we need other people. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ISFP-Nick Miller (The New Girl) 

Nick Miller is Jess’ male best friend, on-again-off-again boyfriend, and a real delightful hot mess of a human being. Nick was so close to becoming a lawyer, but his desire to stay a free agent is part of what makes him a true ISFP.

As someone who deep down wants to be a writer and romantic, Nick struggles with the common problem ISFPs face of not wanting to feel trapped. This independent streak can help or hurt Nick, really, depending on the hour. That along with his own confused self-esteem, it can make relationships hard, until he’s willing to decide that what he has is something worth committing to and worth fighting for. Once he has, there’s nothing that’s going to get in his way.

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ESTP-Gina Linetti (Brooklyn 99)

Where would the 99 be without Gina? (Shh, don’t remind me.) She may not be the best receptionist they could possibly have, but she’s family. Here to party, Gina is always ready for the next big thing. 

Like many ESTPs, Gina is bold and original, with fresh ideas and a wicked sense of humor. Unfortunately, this also can lead to her falling into the trap other ESTPs do, becoming insensitive to her friend’s feelings and slacking on the work that needs to be done in order to get to the fun. She can also be a little too defiant for a receptionist gig, which is honestly why we should be glad she has the chance to spread her wings and fly. 

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

ESFP-Eleanor Schelstropp (The Good Place)

Holy forking shirt balls, there’s no one quite like Eleanor.  Excited for the shiny things and living in the moment, Eleanor has to fight to learn what delayed gratification is in order to earn a better future for herself and others around her.

While she has to fight getting bored or unfocused when it comes to the longterm, Eleanor is exactly who her friends need her to be in the moment they need her. She’s fierce and funny and most importantly, teachable and willing to grow. 

“Pody’s Nerfect,” as Eleanor would say, but she comes darn near close.

Myers-Briggs Types As Popular TV Characters

Which type are you? Do you relate to this character? Is there anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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