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My Top 5 2021 Albums That Left Music Lovers Screaming

The music industry is raving many 2021 Albums for being incredible releases. Many music lovers have said this has been a very memorable year for music. Below are my Top 5 2021 Albums that will define how great this year has been! 

1. Lana Del Rey- Blue Banisters

Lana Del Rey is an artist in which she explores heartbreak and abuse relationships. She takes her heartbreak and turns it into poetry! I will never forget listening to her for the first time and thinking how angelic her voice is. When I was younger, I did not catch on to how dark her lyrics were. I honestly thought she was happily writing these songs based on how pretty the music was. Little did I know these were about toxic men, drug abuse, and other sensitive subjects. 

Blue Banisters explores that general idea. But what makes it different is that Lana sings more about her self-discovery journey. In her earlier albums, she sings about how she is aware of how terrible many of her partners were. But she stays in love with them anyways. Later in life, her Blue Banisters era comes through, and she finally moves on from all the toxic masculinity that has victimized her. And this makes me very happy! It will give people hope for her future. And the future of anyone who has stuck themselves in situations like these.

The album’s instrumentations are also top-notch! You would mostly hear 70s psychedelic rock influences in this album. Her voice has also become more prominent than ever! Almost as if she has gained more control over the music (like her past relationships).

2. Olivia Rodrigo- Sour

I have never been more impressed by anyone than I have been with Olivia Rodrigo. First of all, she recently started her career with Disney. Starring in the new High School Musical series, I knew she will rise to stardom at some point. Keep in mind that she started her Disney career in 2019. Not long ago! And when her number 1 hit, Driver’s License, blew up. I was shocked by how quickly she was getting her stardom status. And when the entire album came out, it took the world by storm.

This album is incredible! It has discovered the multiple phases of a romantic breakup. A trifling partner that she is respectfully called out in her tracks. She expresses her anger towards this outcome in punk-rock-inspired songs. Such as Good 4 u, Brutal, and Jealousy, Jealousy. She then strips it back with piano ballads. Lamenting her lost love through songs like 1 step forward, 3 steps back, favorite crime, and hope ur ok. 

This album did leave me with one concern though. And that is… how the hell is she already going through a heavy breakup like this? At 17 years old? The good thing is she is already learning to grow!

3. Billie Eilish- Happier than Ever

Everyone knows who Billie is. She topped the charts two years ago with her debut album. A super dark work of music involving problematic relationships, self-discovery, and her childhood. Later, when she dyed her hair blonde, fans went crazy. She has teased a new era that will seem to be very different from what she has released before. And we were correct!

Happier than Ever is her declaration of independence from toxicity, critics, and the public’s perception of her. If you look at the cover art of her two albums, you will immediately notice a difference. The first one is creepy and haunted while the second one almost resembles an angel. It is almost as if she performed an exorcism on herself and set free. The songs reflect that too!

One highlight from this album is her spoken word song “Not My Responsibility.” In this song, she speaks on how the critics have bashed her for every choice she made. She dresses one way, she gets critized. When she tried to fix what one critic says, she angers someone else. And at this point, she gives up her responsibility to do this. And she says this with some of the best music she has ever produced!

4. Lorde- Solar Power

One interesting thing about Lorde is that she releases music every four years. Yes, every four years! Her first album came out in 2013. Second in 2017. And her third studio album came out this year. Lorde is best known for giving emo-pop vibes that are upbeat. This kind of sound has been very prevalent in her first two albums. But during this current era, she takes a completely different turn!

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Solar Power’s songs are very much stripped out. It is a little minimal with its production. But I absolutely loved it! The album combines 60s psychedelic soft rock with early 2000s pop. Fun fact, in her song called “Mood Ring.” She sings: “don’t you think the early 2000s seems so far away.” Meanwhile, the song gave me a Natasha Bedingfield vibe before I heard that lyric. These songs are perfect companions during sunset drives. I have driven many times by the beach listening to this gorgeous album. It’s also a great album to think about when you are swimming. 

For people looking for pop bangers. This album is not for you. As it is very stripped back. This is an album to listen to at the club. And this is when Lorde has disappointed some fans. Especially when they were expecting another upbeat record like the first two. 

5. Coldplay- Music of the Spheres

Coldplay has been around for over 20 years. It is one of my favorite bands of all time. So of course, when they announced this album, I couldn’t help up jump up and down in excitement. This band has one of the biggest advocates for world peace. Through its music and active volunteering. They have moved the entire world with their music. Uniting the planet. 

And speaking of planets, this is what the album is about. A universe that is full of fictional planets. Each sphere has its own language, culture, and feature. But what they all have in common is love and kindness. This is proven through the music video for the song, “Higher Power.” Where lead singer Chris Martin dances with aliens to this upbeat song. 

This album is full of nothing but hits. I great reminder that life is full of love and happiness. I feel this way every time I listen to this band. I love them to death! 

Have you given any of these 2021 Albums a listen? If so, comment on what your favorite 2021 album is below!

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