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My Halloween Costumes Throughout the Years

This article contains one girl, multiple Halloween costumes, and a lot of ideas! I have compiled some of my favorite costumes that I have worn over the past few years that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your Halloween costumes!

1. Keep your maid close and your devil closer!

2. Christmas came early

3. Even if there is no Mickey, at least there are bananas!

4. Get some Robin “Thicke” in your life

5. Buzzzzzed Lightyear

6. An out-of-this-world throwback

7. Beer anyone?

8. Vintage Pinup

9. Meow

10. Peace, love and happiness

11. Every girl deserves to be a princess

12. Who needs a kiss?

13. Psychedelic rabbit!

14. Who’s YOUR doppelganger?

See Also

15. Power Rangers unite!

16. Women in uniform

17. Simple doesn’t have to be boring

18. Boyfriend inspo

19. Minimalist

20. Sweet as cake

And sometimes the best costume isn’t even a costume at all!

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Jenna Carlie

Jenna Carlie is a Senior at Rhode Island School of Design where she studies Photography. She enjoys anything related to art and travel. Since age sixteen, Jenna has never lived in one place for more than four years at a time. Her favorite places to live are Colorado, St. Louis, California & Paris.

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