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My Christmas Wishlist As A College Freshman

My Christmas Wishlist As A College Freshman

As a college freshman, and a nineteen-year-old girl, I have such a hard time coming up with ideas for a Christmas wish list! It takes me awhile just to wrap my head around the notion that my 6-week winter break is finally here!

Lucky for you, I have spent the past couple of months curating the perfect Christmas wishlist for any college freshman! These are some of my essentials to enjoy the upcoming spring semester, or just the rest of your winter break!



1. Polaroid Camera

To start off the first thing on my Christmas wishlist is a polaroid camera! I know these are a thing of the past, and so 2017, but they are definitely making a comeback! I would love one of these (in a cute color, probably purple), with some extra Instax film!

You can use these on fun road trips with your friends, or to document your spring break, or any other college festivities you take part in! The pictures are 2×3 and such cute dorm decorations! I already have about 30 stuck on the wall above my bed! 

Definitely consider adding a polaroid camera to your Christmas wishlist this holiday season! They are also super affordable– my Instax mini was only $60, and the film was an additional $9. 


2. Record Player

My second Christmas wishlist item is a record player! These make such a cute addition to any dorm or apartment bedroom and allow you to start a sick vinyl collection too! The Crosley record players are among the best quality and most affordable; you can purchase them online or in-stores at Urban Outfitters!

Adding a record player to your Christmas wishlist is such a good idea, because not only does it make it easier on family and friends to pick something out for you, but it also needs vinyls (which creates more options for loved ones to get you for your Christmas wishlist)! 


Some of my current favorite vinyl records are Dead Kennedy’s “Mutiny on the Bay,” and Smashing Pumpkin’s “Gish!” 

The Crosley or Victrola record players also come in the cutest colors! From floral to black with a red velvet interior, you can spice up your dorm room with just one piece! Definitely consider adding it to your Christmas wishlist!


3. Air Fryer

The third item on my Christmas wishlist is an air fryer! This would make such a good addition to my apartment! It makes cooking so much easier, and I am almost entirely sure you can cook anything in it! This is so essential for college life– if I need one, you need one too!

Air fryers are so small and portable it will hardly take up any space; I can get rid of my toaster oven (which takes up half of my counter space. Additionally, air fryers are healthier for you than frying food in a pan or needing butter or oil to make your food crispy in a real oven!

I also think this addition to my home would force me to stay at home and cook more, which is healthier, and could save so much money! I definitely will be adding one of these to my Christmas wishlist… you should too!


4. BT Speaker

The fourth item on my Christmas wishlist is a bluetooth speaker! Any brand would be great, but the JBL Flips are my absolute favorite! They are the perfect size, waterproof, and last for quite awhile. Not to mention they come in pink and purple– so that’s definitely a plus! 

This speaker being portable, is the perfect present for college students as we usually want to go explore or attend cute picnic dates with our friends, or even try a new hobby like skateboarding where we need a speaker to blast our tracks for everyone to hear (basically to set a vibe).

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This is such a great gift idea as well, because of the price and wide variety of options– to promote optimum inclusivity! You could ask for a really nice one, or a really inexpensive one so the gift purchaser is not overwhelmed with crazy prices! I hope you add this to your Christmas wishlist!


5. New Skincare

The last thing on my Christmas wishlist and reaching #5 on the list is new skincare! This is SUCH a great gift, especially for college students or incoming freshman! College is already such a stressful time (especially the beginning of it) so our skin is often going through the worst, just as we are!

A lot of us, me at least, are on their own financially, so picking up some essential skincare items, and even the fancy extra items like rose water spray that we won’t ever buy for ourselves, makes a great gift! The price ranges can vary too, and this is such a universal gift, you’re bound to love it!

Some ideas that I asked for this year are a new exfoliator, a lip mask, rose water facial spray, and a charcoal face mask! All of these items can be found at your local drug store but can also be found at Sephora or other places one might consider shopping at to be a splurge… so the gift giving has a bit of variety! 


I love this idea, and it’s also a great first gift in any relationship, because it’s safe, but also very considerate if you’re paying attention to their skin type! Chapstick is also a very safe bet and a fan favorite during the holiday season! Definitely add it to your Christmas wishlist!

Overall, the holiday season is a great time to spend some of your hard-earned money on the people around you that you love, to show you care! The gifts do not have to be expensive; they can be handmade or simply a hug or and I love you; whatever you choose to do will be special!


If you are looking for some gift ideas for your significant others, I hope this list found its way to your good hands and has provided you with some great suggestions for those college kids or friends of yours! You cannot go wrong with anything on this list– trust me! 

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