Must Have Winter Clothing At UNH

As a student at University of New Hampshire, it’s hard to ignore the drop in temperature, icy winds, and the slushy snow that makes it nearly impossible to trudge up Library Hill during the winter season. However, there are a few essential pieces of winter clothing at UNH a girl can’t live without. Below are a few wildcat fan faves.

1. Blanket Scarf

It’s cold, it’s 8 am, and the only thing that keeps you alive in the frozen tundra is the biggest, most blanket-like scarf there is. The more that your face is covered the greater chance of survival, right? Also, the versatility of these babies is an added bonus.


2. UNH Pom-Pom Hat

What’s a hockey game without a fish flying through the air and a hat with a pom-pom the size of an orange?

3. Bean Boots

Are they basic? Yes. Do they keep our feet warm, dry, and cute? Also yes.

4. Wooly Socks

Okay, yes Bean Boots are great, but our feet just aren’t the same without warm socks to keep our toes happy.

6. Big Ol’ Sunnies

Just because the temperature feels like -10º, doesn’t mean the sun stops reflecting rays! Sunglasses are stylish and have the added benefit of hiding the evidence of an all-nighter.


7. Chunky Sweater

It’s chunky. It’s cozy. It’s warm. No one knows what your wearing underneath it…

8. Down Jacket

This is a no-brainer. No one wants to make a 1 am Wildkitty runs without the comfort of their winter coat.

How many of these must-have pieces of winter clothing at UNH do you have? Comment below!
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