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10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Do certain exercises intimidate you? Does exercising intimidate you? I’ve been there! From trying to choose which routine to follow down to what to do. So if you are looking to feel and look your best these 10 Must-Try exercises should be in your routine! Just doing 10 to 15 minutes a day can improve your health, look and mental health.

These exercises are simple and beginner friendly,  so no need to hassle yourself. With the new year around the corner, adding exercises to your list will help you start off right. These do not require any equipment or an over dedication of time, just a few minutes and concentration. So here’s to starting off 2021 with these exercises!


Squats had a huge moment a few years back but they are an essential exercise to get that purky butt! This exercise also gives you a toned thigh and have your lower body SNATCHED!


With all the toning and helping improve posture, this exercise is idea for a beginner. We love a good 3 for 1 deal when it comes to exercises! 

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body


Lunges is an excellent exercise to throw into your routine. Legs are one of the most shown off parts of our bodies. If you are like me, you love showing a little leg every chance  you get. In the summers of course with the hotter weather, we show off our legs alot more. So starting off at the top of the year will give you an adequate amount of time to get your legs into shape.


Lunges tones the thighs and legs, making them lean and shapely.  Do these exercises and watch you have a pair of J-Lo’s legs in no time.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body


When I think of exercises, burpees is one I consider old school. However, this exercise is a very effective one at toning your body. The jumping motion can be intense so slow it down if you have to!


From your shoulders to your legs, you will notice a difference in a short time span. So here’s to the old adage: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body Russian Twist

This is the first of the exercises that is strictly for the core! It tightens the stomach muscles and gives you the toned look. The core can be a difficult part of the body to tone. 

As you gradually get used to the exercise, you can lift your feet to give you more of a challenge. Keep a straight back with controlled motions and you will be just fine.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body


Everyone has heard of planking at some point! It was a huge trend a few years back. However this type of planking is apart of an exercise routine meant to strengthen the core and give you abs. This exercise is also great to improving posture and learning balance.

This exercise is easy to do and uses mind and body focus. You can literally plank anywhere! Keep the core muscles tightened.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Crossbody Mountain Climbers

Full body exercises are the best, when you want a short but sweet routine. Crossbody mountain climbers works the arms, core and legs. Some of your favorite celebs have made this apart of their own routine!

This exercise is like rock climbing at a vertical angle. With any exercise, make sure you stretch before doing this one! It can look a bit intimidating but it’s actually easy and fun!

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Push Ups

Push ups have always been a conventional part of exercise routines. This is because it tones arms and strengths them like no other. This is one of the more traditional exercises but its an oldie but goodie.

There are two types: the traditional and the knee push-up. The knee one is an easier option if you need to build your stamina. This exercise uses all body weight, so if you can do these, you can handle yourself. Literally!

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body


Crunches are a great exercise to do when you want that core looking right and feeling tight. A few of these a day can help straighten your posture and tighten the core.

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Properly do this exercise because you can strain or hurt your back. Do these moderately and maintain the proper position. This exercise can also turn into bicycle crunches by moving your legs in a alternating circular position.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Booty Kickbacks 

Want a more purky booty and toned legs? This exercise is good for both of these things. The thighs and legs are key to a great figure and also have some of the most fun exercises to do.

Toning the legs and thighs are essential to also rounding the butt. Exercises like these helps the body look proportionate and feel fit.

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Wood Chops

Wood chops is the only standing exercise on this list. It is just as effective and gives a full body workout as the others you do on the floor mat. By the moving motion going from one side to the other, it targets the side area where it is hard to get rid of unwanted fat.

This exercise targets the core, arms, mid section, and legs. Doing a few reps of these can help improve your body by a long shot and have you bikini ready in no time. It is optional to use a weight or ball. If you do use an accessories just be sure its weight is something you can handle and be careful of your positioning. 

10 Must-Try Exercises To Tone Your Body

Exercising can definitely be a bit intimidating especially when you are not familiar with it. These exercises are beginner friendly and will help you kick start a new exercise routine.

Hopefully after reading this article your exercising anxiety is smoothed out and you feel optimistic about trying these exercises.Just doing a few minutes a day with a few times a week, you’ll surprise yourself with the results and see it is not as difficult as you thought! You got this!

What exercises are you going to try? Are you going to make a routine? Let us know in the comments below!