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10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

Denver is a great area to live in or visit. Aside from beautiful mountains next door and a whole world of outdoors to explore, there’s also a lot to do in the city itself. From shops to restaurants there’s a lot to explore. Plus, there’s a range of events going on year-round. Still, winter is usually considered the best time of the year as the snowfall allows some great skiing and snowboarding around some of the best resorts in the United States. 

But that doesn’t mean that other seasons in Denver are lacking when it comes to fun and excitement. Fall is a great season to cool off from the summer well still attending some great events.  From new harvests bringing new fruits to concerts surrounded by nature without the scorching heat, there’s a lot to enjoy in the Fall here in Denver. Here are 10 must see spots in Denver this fall!

1. Red Rocks

Red Rocks is considered one of the most beautiful concert areas around and for good reason. The natural rock formations surround the concert area, making the area the perfect amphitheater. Hundreds of artists perform here every year from Imagine Dragons to Billie Ellish. Although the concert venue in the summer and spring too, fall is an especially good time to go because things are finally cooling down and you can enjoy the music without the heat. Plus this year’s fall lineup brings some more well known and upcoming artists like Logic and Tyler The Creator.

If you can’t go to a concert at the beautiful Red Rocks consider going there just for a hike or to a different event. The place is worth seeing even if you can’t make a concert and there are plenty of amazing trails to do. There are also yoga events where you can stretch and relax in the concert area or fitness events where you jog up the amphitheater. If you’re more keen on something where you can actually help out the community, consider volunteering there. There are volunteering opportunities like Friends of Red Rocks, where you can help clean up the area. It’s a great excuse to see Red Rocks in the fall and to help out the local community.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

2. Wash Park

Wash park is a great spot to visit in the fall because leaves are changing colors and falling, making for some great scenery. The park is always a great choice though regardless of season. Aside from the option to sit down and relax in the grass, or have a picnic, you can also choose from some great bike paths here. The park is also a favorite place for joggers, because there are plently of scenic paths in the park.

Fall is of course where the park truly shines though. The falling leaves make for a great scenic jog or walk, and the cool air will mean you won’t get overheated here. It’s a great place to stroll around and appreciate the beauty of fall.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

3. Denver City Park

Located near downtown Denver, you can get a great view of the towering skyline here. The place is especially of interest though in the fall when the trees start to change. You can get a great view of fall foliage here. You’ll see the colors and trees transform during the season. It will certainly make a great view and you’ll love strolling around the park.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

4.  Farmer’s Market, South Pearl Street

The farmer’s market in Denver is a great place to get food, crafts, and all sorts of local stuff. It’s especially great in the fall when you can get fall harvest items like apples. Although there are lots of Farmer’s markets to choose from in Denver, I personally recommend South Pearl Street.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

5. Magical Castle Marne

Magical Castle Marne is an exquisite hotel that travels you back in time. Regardless of whether or not you plan to stay here, it’s definitely a perfect spot to take a photo of in the fall, as the fall colors really bring out the castle.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

6. Cherry Creek Bike Trail

If you’re looking to appreciate the fall scenery in a more active way, consider visiting the Cherry Creek Bike Trail, where you can bike the path that’s more than 40 miles. Bikers love the scenic path, which is especially beautiful in the fall. You can bike the full path or just some of it. It’s a great way to burn some calories and watch the leaves change.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

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7. Sloans Lake

One of the largest lakes in Denver, you can see it at its most beautiful in the fall. The surrounding area changes to vibrant colors in the fall that perfectly compliment the lake. It’s truly a nice area that anyone should go to during the season. The park is one of the largest in Denver.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

8. Maize In The City

In the fall you can traverse through a corn maze at Maze In The City. Additionally, there’s a petting zoo and a corn launcher.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

9. Four Mile Historic Park

Four Mile Historic Park offers a trip back in time with the historic museum. The park is especially great when the annual pumpkin harvest festival is on. 

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

10. Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens is the most beautiful in the fall, when vibrant colors began to blossom. The scenic area provides many beautiful flowers to look at and an always unforgettable experience. Admission is cheap and the fall truly is a nice season here. You can see all the beautiful leaves falling and the colors really make the park stand out in a great way.

The cool winds also mean you won’t get too hot during your visit here, like you might have in the summer. There’s so much to explore here, and the fall makes things even more interesting. The pumpkin festival hosted there also provides a variety of pumpkins to choose from and really adds to the beauty of the place.

10 Must See Spots In Denver This Fall

Are there other spots you like to see in the fall in Denver? Comment below and let us know!

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