5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare You For Back To School

5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare Your For Back To School

Summer is here and school is out! What better way to pass the time than grabbing an iced coffee and settling down with a few must-read lifestyle books. Who knows, maybe they might spur some insight for when you go back to school.

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*uck

The first of the must-read lifestyle books is Mark Manson’s book which gives readers a whole new look at living a positive life. While some will advise turning lemons into lemonade, Manson will tell you to accept your flaws. Humans are born with limitations and faults. Therefore, instead of trying to change who we are, we need to acknowledge our limitations and grow from them. For this reason, I highly recommend everyone, especially students to read this book before returning to school. It will motivate you to be better and not feel defeated or depressed while struggling with the academic curriculum.

5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare Your For Back To School

2. Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction

Chris Bailey wrote one of the must-read lifestyle books, explaining how anyone can maintain control over their attention span while working in a distracting environment. The author explains that we have only two types of mindsets called hyperfocus and scatter focus. He teaches readers what they are, how to catch them, and how to control them in order to obtain our best productivity. Chris Bailey’s book is perfect for students who have a very complex schedule or those who struggle with maintaining attention on their school work. Once you read this book, you will find your productivity increasing and procrastinating decreasing.

3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

It is no surprise that one of the must-read lifestyle books comes from the best-selling author of Eat, Pray & Love. Taking from her own creative journey, Elizabeth Gilbert explains the process one has when inspired by the invisible force of creativity. She not only explains how it works but advises how to utilize the inspiration when we receive it, as well as warns us of the consequences when we ignore it. Due to the insight of how to manipulate creativity to our advantage, this book is great for students who are studying visual arts, theatrical arts, graphic arts or any student who uses creativity every day.

5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare Your For Back To School

4. Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

Next on the list of must-read lifestyle books will also help students increase their social media popularity. Aliza Licht is most famous for her @DKNY PR GIRL twitter feed which she uses as examples in her advice to readers on how to make it big in their careers and school. Considering the book involves social media, it would be beneficial for marketing and business students to grab a coffee while they can. However, it is a good idea for all students to add this to their summer reading list, as we live in a digital world these days.

 5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare Your For Back To School

5. The Magic

The last on the list of must-read lifestyle books is one that will reintroduce the concept of gratitude into the hearts of readers. Rhonda Byrne advises readers that gratitude can help you accomplish so much in your life. It is simply not a way to say thank you, but a lifestyle that is filled with positivity and opportunities. Any and all students should read this book because it teaches readers that sometimes we need to take a minute to be grateful for our education in order to be truly successful in the work that we do.

5 Must-Read Lifestyle Books To Prepare Your For Back To School

So many must-read lifestyle books to read, so little time! Which book in this list are you itching to get your hands on? Are there any books we missed? Comment your thoughts down below!

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