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10 Must-Haves To Pack For Your Hostel Stay

10 Must-Haves To Pack For Your Hostel Stay

10 Must-Haves To Pack For Your Hostel Stay

Having stayed in hostels before I have quite the experience on what must-haves your bag should contain for an ideal stay. Living in a hotel is far different than living in a hostel especially in terms of security of your personal belongings, but that should definitely not stop you from experiencing the thrill of living in a hostel. Today I will share 10 must-haves you need to pack for your hostel stay!

1. Lock

This is number 1 on my list as security of personal belongings is a bit limited on a hostel and if you want to have a good nights sleep without having to worry about your belongings you should invest in a good lock. There are different kinds of locks available, but from personal experience, I do think locks with combination codes are better as you don’t need to keep looking for the key and its soo much easier when traveling as well.

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For security of your personal belongings always use a lock especially ones with combination codes

2. Slippers

Next, on my list are Slippers, I am sure you wouldn’t like to walk barefoot in a hostel and especially in the common bathrooms. Hence it is very essential that you can a pair of lightweight slippers.

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To avoid walking barefoot in case the floor is wet or dirty always carry light weight slippers

3. Eye Mask

It is always handy to carry an eye mask when u plan your hostel stay as you don’t really know what to expect, you may have a roomie who is still awake and wants to keep the lights on or maybe have another roomie enter in during the wee hours of the night and switch the lights on. Hence carrying the eye mask will keep you on top of your game and prepared for whatever is to come.

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Want a good night sleep without being disturbed always carry an eye mask

4. Earplugs

As for me I can sleep through the noise like a log it doesn’t really bother me but I know a friend of mine who had a terrible time falling asleep because her roommates were in no mood to sleep. So that’s why I always recommend carrying earplugs if at all u are in that situation.

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For people who are sensitive to the slightest of sounds should carry ear plugs

5.Sleeping Bag Liner

We all know living in a hostel is cheaper than living in a hotel hence it may not be that hygienic as we would like it to be. Having a sleeping bag liner you won’t have to worry about sleeping on dirty sheets. These bag liners are easily available online and light and compact too.

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When in doubt if the sheets are clean or not use a sleeping bag liner

6. Towel

It is always handy to carry a thin, lightweight towel as it can dry quickly and not occupy to much space in your luggage.

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Always carry a light weight thin cotton towel when staying in a hostel

7. Laundry Bag

Nobody wants to do the laundry when on vacation especially when it is a short one. Having a dedicated laundry bag will help segregate the dirty clothes from the clean ones and avoid any confusion.

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To avoid the confusion between clean clothes and dirty clothes


A hanging toiletry pouch containing all your essentials such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrush, etc is a must whilst staying in a hostel.

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All your toiletries in one bag

9. Travel Adaptor

Since no plugs are the same it’s always crucial to carry a travel adaptor, saves you the hassle of having to run around and find a way to charge your electronics. You will also find travel adaptors with USB plugins available.

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A Universal Travel adapter with USB plugins to fit all kind of switches anywhere n the world

10. Torch

Nowadays you get such a variety of them, find the one that’s absolutely sleek, powerful and lightweight. It’s always handy to carry one as you might just need it to walk to the washrooms at night or just look for things you are not able to find.

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Torch to help you find your way in the dark

So here is my Top 10 must-haves for your hostel stay. So now get planning on your next hostel stay as you have nothing to worry about, We got you covered!

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