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10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy

10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy

The ultimate checklist for hosting a BBQ party. Here is everything you will need for having a barbecue or a summer party so that everyone will have fun from the games, to food and a theme!

Finally, summer is right around the corner, and with bikinis, long days, and no school, also comes backyard BBQ’s. I love a good BBQ on a hot day, but there is nothing worse than forgoing a day at the lake, only to enter a lame backyard gathering with two sad burgers and nowhere to sit and enjoy the sun. SO if you are wanting to host your own BBQ this summer and have it be the place to be, make sure you have these ten things when hosting a BBQ party!

A featured summer drink.

Look, not everyone is a beer drinker, so if you really want to wow your guests, have a fun summer drink to offer them with their food. My favorite is watermelon, mint, ice, and maybe a bit of vodka.

10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy

A vegetarian-friendly main course.

More and more people these days are opting for a meat-free diet for either dietary, environmental, or ethical reasons. Regardless of why these people don’t want steak, they don’t deserve to be left with a salad after-thought dish as a main course… so make sure you have something of substance like a vegan burger or some veggie kabobs.

Some good tunes.

Most people don’t think about music until there’s already a yard full of people, but having tunes set up beforehand, gives you the chance to set the mood of the whole day.


A lounge area.

No one wants to stand around and eat their food while juggling their drinks, so make sure you have a place for your guests to relax in the sun.

Yard games!

Even when conversation is flowing, having a yard game to get things flowing is a great idea. My go to is corn hole because it is fun for all ages and is pretty much always a hit, but if you have enough people and room, volleyball can be a blast as well.

10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy

A clean yard.

This is kind of gross, but if you have dogs… or kids, please make sure your yard is ready for company. Scoop the poop, pick up the toys, throw away any trash… give your guests a clean yard to enjoy the day in.

A fire pit.

If your party is as amazing as you are planning it to be…people are probably going to want to stay as long as possible, so having a warm place to end the evening is a smart idea. Nothing is better than watching day turn to night while roasting marshmallows around a fire with friends.

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10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy

And sunshine, of course.

Nothing is worse than going to a shaded yard on a sunny day. It’s hard enough to have a day off align with a sunny one, so don’t put your friends in the shade. Make sure you have a nice hot spot to host your BBQ.

Yummy dessert.

I’m a dessert person, so this is more important for me than any pasta salad… have a dessert for your guests! Brownies, ice cream, cake… the list goes on and on.

10 Must Haves For Hosting A BBQ Party Everyone Will Enjoy


Good friends!

This list doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the right people to share it. Invite those you don’t feel the need to impress, entertain, or worry about, and you will have a better time because of it.

Got any more tips for hosting a BBQ party? Share them down below!

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