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The Top 5 Must Haves For Every Dorm Room

Getting ready for the fall semester? Moving into college as a Freshmen and don’t know what exactly to bring? It can be difficult to decide what you’re going to need especially when it comes to organization. But I’ve made it easy for you with five must-have dorm room essentials that’ll get you through not only this year but the next four as well! 

1. Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are perfect for keeping all of your essentials organized and all in the same area. With the rolling feature, you can easily move this cart to make it a bedside stand and keep all your nightly goodies safe or you could move it next to your desk and keep all of your pens, pencils or makeup necessities. This way you’ll keep the desk space clear for any work you have to get done. Use this rolling cart as a way to hold all of the things you don’t want to keep in drawers but have nowhere else to place! 

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2. Cute Makeup Organizer

If you’re a makeup lover you’ll need a sturdy and cute makeup organizer to keep everything intact. But the perfect makeup organizer will also keep your desk space clean so you can put away your favorite mascara, blush or foundation without any worries of it being touched or making a mess of your room. That way when it’s time to do your makeup you’ll have everything in the same place for easy access but when you’re ready to clean it up you won’t have an issue organizing. I got my makeup organizer from Walmart as a simple and stacked storage organizer. You won’t mind getting the organizer dirty and each space is big enough to hold your palettes, blushes, concealers, etc. 

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3. Keurig or Tea Kettle

I’m personally more of a tea person so having an electric tea kettle was essential to heat up water when I was looking to get a wake-up call in the morning or a soothing cup before bed. However, if you’re both a coffee, tea or hot chocolate person then a Keurig would be great as well! Although the tea kettle will be less spending and could bring you just as much maybe more hot water. It was easy to heat up and add in water so I could have several cups of tea throughout the morning or night. A coffee maker or tea kettle will literally change your life and make every morning or night studying and going to class so much better. 

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4. Organized Caddy

You’ll probably be hauling yourself along with shower necessities back and forth between your room and the shower. That means you’ll be needing a shower caddy that will hold your shampoo, conditioner, and other shower accessories. But getting the right shower caddy is important. Some may get moldy and gross but others will be just right! I know you want to get something cute to tote between dorm room and shower but you’ll be needing something that will hold everything and withstand the gross showers. I got a mesh material for my shower caddy and that worked out perfectly even though it seems a bit smaller than the plastic ones. 

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5. Sturdy Water Bottle & Brita

Whether you’re going out for the night or just hanging out going from class to studying, you’ll need water! A Brita can help you turn questionable sink water into purified and drinkable water whereas a water bottle can hold your hydration in a bottle to be carried anywhere around campus. You’ll need either pick of hydration for a dorm room so don’t doubt your thirst! 

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While you’re getting ready for the fall semester these dorm room must-haves will have you crossing things off your checklist one by one. Let us know what you’re bringing to college this fall! Are any of these dorm room must-haves on your back to college checklist?

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