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12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

[dropcap size=small]C[/dropcap]ollege dorm pregames are an essential aspect of college life, especially if you are not a member of Greek Life. If you are drinking before heading out or throwing a kickback in your dorm, each of the items on this list are guaranteed to transform your dorm into a party scene.

The Fun Stuff

1. Strip LED Lights

A college dorm pregame isn’t as fun without decorations to make the environment more interesting than your typical dull dorm room. A cool way to spruce up your pregame is by hanging up a strip of LED color changing lights in your dorm. Both inexpensive to purchase and easy to put up, the strip of LEDs will give your room a fluorescent glow, and rid of the dull yellow-toned lighting that comes in many dorms. There are also many different types of light strips you can get, all varying in price. Some will change according to music, others you can manually operate through a remote.

2. Light Projector

Another lighting option for college dorm pregames is light projectors. These are slightly more unique than an LED light strip; however, they may be more pricey. Whether it’s a dotted pattern projected onto your ceiling or an image of your choice, a light projector will add to the decor of your dorm and can provide excellent photo opportunities as well.

12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

3. Mini Speaker

An absolute necessity for any college dorm pregame is a speaker. Any size speaker will do, but if you are living on campus, a mini speaker will take up less space and will have a lower volume capacity meaning you are less likely to disturb your neighbors. I highly recommend ensuring that your speaker is waterproof due to the unquestionable amount of random beverage spills that will occur at any typical college dorm pregame. Along with this, a Bluetooth speaker will allow the pregame DJ to play music from their phone while keeping it on them and socializing within your dorm room.

4. Theme

Although this might seem odd for a simple college dorm pregame, themes are a way to make staying inside and drinking with friends even more fun. Themes for college dorm pregames are a little different than a mixer theme, as they are on a significantly smaller level. For example, text your friends an invite to your dorm but let them know that they will only be allowed entry if they are wearing a hat or a specific color. These are good examples of simple themes that can make your college dorm pregame more exciting. This will also allow for excellent photo opportunities and is an easy way to make funny college memories.

5. Polaroid/Disposable Camera

By investing in a disposable or Polaroid camera for your college dorm pregames, you can capture college memories on an immediately printable platform. Then, you can hang these pictures up in your dorm as decorations, or let your friends take home whatever photos they are in.

12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

6. Games

A group activity that involves everyone at your college dorm pregame is playing games. Whether it is a simple board game from childhood like Monopoly, a card game like Uno, or a specific game that involves drinking, this is an easy way to get everyone talking together. Some suggestions for games include Cards Against Humanity, Buzzed, or Incoherent. This is a chill way to hang out with your close friends before getting lost in the vast crowd of a party.

The Necessities

7. Snacks

An essential part of any college dorm pregame is snacks. My advice is to follow the saying, “the most important meal of the day is the meal you eat before you drink,” and while most college students prevent eating in hopes of getting more drunk, having snacks at your pregame can avoid safety concerns regarding drinking on an empty stomach. Along with this, college students are typically broke and hungry, meaning if you can be the one to provide a bag of chips for your friend group, you will become the hit of the night.

8. Room Spray

If you are dorming on campus, you probably have a Resident Assistant or RA,  also known as the ultimate buzzkill of any college dorm pregame. To prevent any smells of alcohol in your room that may linger from your pregame festivities, be sure to have some type of fresh-scented room spray to rid of the reek. 

9. Clorox Wipes

Due to the spills of alcohol that are bound to occur when college students are drinking, Clorox wipes are an absolute necessity at any college dorm pregame. These will make your room sparkle and shine as though no one has set foot into your dorm, and will fill your room with a fresh and clean scent.

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10. Trash Bags

Another need if a group is making their way into your dorm is trash bags. You are bound to have trash by the end of the night, whether it be bottles, cups, snacks, or wipes. You also never know when someone may need to quickly throw up, and it is helpful to have a bag on hand. 

12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

11. Water

The most crucial need for any college dorm pregame is water. This is to ensure the safety of everyone attending. Not only is it smart to space out your drinking by consuming a cup of water in between every alcoholic beverage, however, this will also keep everyone hydrated for the rest of your plans throughout the night. 

12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

12. Cups

A smart suggestion for college dorm pregames is investing in plastic solo cups. This way, everyone can pour their mixed drinks into the cups and make their drink how they like it. This will also rid of the alcohol bottles in your dorm, more likely ensuring that if an RA came knocking at your door, you would not be cited or written up. Another idea is having everyone bring their own reusable cup. This way, if anyone does not finish their drink, they can transport it to the party efficiently. 12 Must Haves for College Dorm Pregames

Have you had a college dorm pregame? Tell us the items you had to make it fun in the comment section below!

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