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10 Must-Haves For Any Animal Crossing Fan

Island Getaway

Welcome to your island getaway! From making one-0f-a-kind villagers to being able to craft all sorts of things, from seeing the Nook family getting stuff done to seeing Isabelle finally be able to relax, from flying on Dodo Airlines and deep-sea diving, these new horizons are better than ever.  Oddly in perfect timing with quarantine, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given us a dynamic yet relaxing way to make it through being stuck at home. Totally the opposite of the Summer Of Pokemon Go, we were and still are able to cuddle up, play with friends online, and have fun customizing our island, our home, our villager, and our DIYS! New Horizons brought forth the game we have all loved for years but with so many new ways to express ourselves and have an adventure on the Nintendo Switch. So, without further ado, here are 10 must-have items for any Animal Crossing fan!

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Edition Nintendo Switch


So! There is currently a misconception that this Switch was limited edition and no longer available. Welllll… just a few weeks ago I traded in my Switch at GameStop and only had to pay a small upcharge for the ACNH Special Edition one! One of my favorite Instagrammers just got hers, as well. The link above for Best Buy shows that is still available for order and it seems other places like Amazon have some options. The special edition comes with a pastel theme, a mint and aquamarine coloring, the dock has an image of the Nook family, and the back has a subtle print of different island images. (It is so much more aesthetically pleasing and less visually aggressive than the emergency red and blue of the original.)

2. Animal Crossing Island Nintendo Switch Dock 3D Print New Horizons Fan Art


In my opinion, one of the best features of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that it shows all the seasons and brings not just a new visually stunning world, but new seasonal activities, clothes, and DIYS! The island dock shown above comes in those options – one for each season; Spring featuring the cherry blossom tree, autumn showing fall foliage, and winter showing a snow-covered world. Not only is it great to support artists directly, but this is also a really unique Animal Crossing merch that will have all your friends and followers cooing. But also! The shop owner can provide even further customization depending on your wants, including changing the fruits on the trees or the color of the tent.

3. Animal Crossing Leaf Collection Sling Pack

One of The BEST features of the Nintendo Switch is the portability! I received this sling pack for Christmas and I love it for when I take my Switch to friends and family’s houses. Meant for the Switch, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons themed, it is the perfect size for the Switch console in handheld mode, the back pocket with thick padding for the back, front, and bottom. It comes with a matching strap, though could be carried clutch style, and the front pocket is perfect for the joy-con wrist-straps, your phone, and a money-clip. The colors compliment the coloring of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Edition Nintendo Switch and other ACNH merch. When college classes start up again, this would be the perfect way to tote your Switch to campus and be able to play it on your downtime.

4. Nintendo Animal Crossing Collector’s Box


Now, this is a super fun find! I saw it at Target when I was working there seasonally and was lucky enough to get it for Christmas. (When I went recently, it was still there in-store. I am not sure if there are other places that carry it, though it is officially licensed.) Packaged just like something you would order from Nook’s Cranny, the gift box comes with a drawstring backpack that is fashioned just like the one in the game, a bells bag blanket that looks just like the in-game rug, a Timmy and Tommy block calendar, a themed journal, a peach stress-ball, Isabelle fuzzy socks, and a turnip note pad! Perfect for all ages and to share with friends and family, it is a total must-have for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan.


5. Essential Items Enamel Pins Set


To be fair, I am not a huge pin person. I have collected specific Disney ones over the years I visited the parks, but every now and then something special catches my eye and I can’t pass them up. The pin set above is a perfect example of that! Another way to support an artist, how can you not love these essential Animal Crossing pins? Inspired by New Horizons, there are four pins (in this first set) including the furniture leaf, a bell bag, a fossil, and the new-to-this-game the DIYS. But! I would totally check out the entire shop because there are many more ACNH pins available.


6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons ITA Backpack


How cute? Anddd a perfect way to display all your favorite Animal Crossing pins! The insert just behind the leaf cut comes out and you could display your pins however you want. Then, the interior pocket is perfect for whatever you need to carry. With a cute design and adjustable straps, it’s a perfect on-the-go way to show your love for the game.

7. Animals Villagers Plush Toy


Raymond was my first camper, totally my island VIP, (his house area was even better than mine). I LOVE HIM. So, I totally lost my mind when my best friend set me the plush for my birthday! Fantastic quality, cute as a button, it’s a great addition to my collection. Anddd, what is super great though, is that the link above not only has Raymond but a ton of other well-loved characters, including Celeste and Flick!

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8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Character Pajama Pants


Available online and in stores, from men’s to women’s to plus, it’s time to cuddle up with your Raymond plush under the bell bag blanket and relax in these comfy sweatpants! With all our favorite Animal Crossing characters – Tom Nook, Isabelle, and K. K. Slider – it also has the New Horizons‘ iconic leaf and the game logo. With a drawstring waist and pockets, they’re the perfect pants to rock while stuck at home during quarantine.

9. Animal Crossing Fleece Sweatshirt


Yes, I know, it is boys – which does limit the sizing. But, I fit into a boy’s medium so it is at least worth looking at since it goes all the way to XXL! Available online and in-stores at Target, it is a cute and warm way to show your love for Animal Crossing during the cold months or while in the air-conditioning during another Summer quarantine.


10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dodo Airlines Long-Sleeve T-Shirt


Whether you’re flying away or flying home, it’s okay! ‘Cause, it’s a seaplane! Awesomely enough, there are a ton of Dodo Airline’s merch out there, including this awesome long-sleeved t-shirt from Hot Topic. The Dodo Airline’s logo has a stark contrast against the white of the shirt and is a little more subtle of a way to show your love for the game. Totally perfect to wear for a post-quarantine vacation, don’t be afraid to head to the skies!

Easy Breezy, Lemon Squeezy

Whether your days are filled with fruit picking or bug catching, with DIYS or shopping, your island getaway has lead you to a new home filled with villagers and visiting friends. Though the island may be small, it is filled with limitless possibilities. Comment below any other Animal Crossing must-haves and keep an eye on Society19 for more entertainment news and merch!

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