Must Haves For A Halloween Party

If you host it right, a Halloween party can be the best party of all time, who doesn’t love a themed party after all. There is a lot that goes into creating the ultimate spooky party spectacular, so here are the must-haves for your Halloween party. This party will be one for the history books!


Location of the party is a very important thing to consider, especially when trying to create a spooky and enticing atmosphere. Pick somewhere that naturally is slightly spooky, such as a basement, cellar, woods, etc, you get the idea. Now make sure that you don’t pick a space that is too large for the number of guests you have invited, if all the guests are super spread apart then you will have atmosphere. The room needs to feel dark, confined and scary. If you can decorate your entire house then that is also a good option. As long as you have enough guests to fill the space, then you will have the opportunity to create a haunted house escape experience. If you were to conduct the party in a large open room, then you will have nothing to work with in terms of decorations, and creating an atmosphere. Many do not consider how much impact that the chosen location has on a party, however, it is a super important thing to consider. Look at your options and think, which space can I make dark and confined, with the opportunity to create separate rooms or sections. Choose your location carefully, it will make or break your party.


When you picture a Halloween party in your head, you picture a dark room with hauntingly full flares of colored light scattered around the room, yes? Great! Well, that is exactly what you need to create at your own party. You are able to purchase lights in various different forms super cheap at stores such as Kmart, Target, craft stores, etc. So don’t get frightened that this will cost you an arm and a leg. Purchase lights that will create dull light. You do not want a super bright room after all. The darker the better. With that in mind, you do need some light, your guests need to be able to see one another. It is best if you have lights of various, haunting hues. Think reds, greens, oranges, purples, etc. Make sure that these lights are on tables, reflected onto walls, the ground, don’t just string some lights along the top of the ceiling and call it a day. Work hard to create a spooky feeling in the room. This is another super important must-have when creating a Halloween party.


The best decorations are minimal. Don’t go super overboard with brightly colored plastic decorations. Pick a color theme and stick to it when it comes to physical decorations. Think heaps of fake spider webs, black spiders, a skeleton, simple black and white with maybe the occasional orange pumpkin here and there. Make sure that you not only fill the room from the sides, such as hanging things on the walls and on tables. But a super important thing that you absolutely must do is to bring the ceiling down lower. Hang lots, and I mean lots, of things from the ceiling, to bring the height down lower, this will create a super creepy and confined feeling in the room. This will really create an amazing atmosphere. This is especially fun to do over couches, so as your guests sit down they feel surrounded by spookiness. Hallways are also an amazing place to do this, this is the best way to create a haunted room/house feeling. And if all else fails and you can’t seem to properly fill a room, get a smoke machine, this will create the ultimate spooky feeling. Your guests will love it.


Now the music needs to be loud, and I mean really loud. Don’t think that you have to play purely Halloween themed music. Play whatever music your guests will like, but a little bit of Halloween music thrown in every now and then will remind your guests of the theme of the party if they ever forget. Ensure that there are no quiet spaces within the house or room, that will throw off the illusion you are trying to create, which is that everyone is in a haunted space. If the music continues loud throughout the house then they will constantly feel as though they can not think about anything else besides the amazing party that they are at. This is super important.

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There are so many recipes out there about Halloween themed treats and snacks, so you can go absolutely wild experimenting with them all if that is what you are into. If not, keep it simple and spread it out, you don’t want all your guests crowding around one area of the room or house, put snacks in every room, and most importantly, lots of drinks. If you don’t want to spend heaps of time worrying about food, then just go for the classics, pizza, chips, etc, they are always crowd-pleasers. Dry ice is always a fun touch to keep drinks cold and add to your decorations, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a final touch. Put punch in a cauldron and chips inside a pumpkin, don’t let your food not be in theme.


Finally, make sure your guests are up for embracing the theme and not overthinking it. I know there are many people who are not into dressing up but make sure if you really want this to be an over the top amazing Halloween party, that all your guests dress up. This is the final touch and the most important step to creating an amazing party. So call your friends and let them know that they better be in costume or they will have to miss out on the fun.

I hope you have got your costume sorted because that is the last step to hosting the best Halloween party of all time! Comment below if you have been inspired

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