10 Must Have Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

When planning a trip there is normally a written to do list, several Google searches, and a lot of headache. I’ve compiled a short list of applications that may alleviate some stress and help you get the most out of your vacation. Here is a list of 10 must have travel apps for your next trip!

1. Airbnb

Tired of hotels? Want something more immersive and exciting? Airbnb is for you. It’s akin to finding a hotel room, only you can book an entire house. Start by choosing a location, your vacation dates, and number of guests. Airbnb will show you available houses or private rooms (if a house is too big) and their price per night. Want to be in the city? Close to the beach? There is also a feature that shows you available places overlaid on a map. Simply click, and get booking. The app is extremely user friendly and has endless ways to customize your results, give it a try for your next trip.

2. AllTrails

Calling all outdoorsy folks, AllTrails is your ultimate application for finding your ideal walking, biking, running, or hiking trail. With over 50,000 trails in it’s database, there is guaranteed to be at least a couple locations near you. Choose your difficulty (easy, moderate, hard) and personal needs, AllTrails has kid and wheelchair friendly filters. Each trail has a map with which you can track your progress. When you’re done, leave a review or even add a trail to your favorites!

3. HistoryHere

Whilst writing this article I tried to think outside the box. Partially move away from the essentials of trip planning and find a unique application. HistoryHere is just that, it operates much like the preceding apps as all it truly needs is your location. Once that is connected, you’ll be provided with a list of historical sites near you. With a tap of the finger you can be given directions to any historic location of your choosing, the app even denotes which are National Historic Landmarks. HistoryHere also offers a Tour option wherein locations are grouped by theme and topic and presented in a bundle. Next time you travel somewhere new, queue this app up and learn loads about where you are visiting.

4. Guides by Lonely Planet

Traveling is all about immersion, seeing the world the way locals do. Or, at least, giving it your best shot. Guides by Lonely Planet is an all inclusive way to fully experience your destination. Choose a city, then narrow down your preferences; do you want to play, drink, shop, sleep, eat, or see? All of these are available choices, you can also choose the All tab and be flooded by the wonder of your surroundings. Once you know what you want to do, check out the currency conversion (if you’re in a different country), and investigate the transport options. One of my favorite features of this application is the in depth anecdote about your chosen city, Guides is definitely a must have.

5. Lyft

Back to the basics for a moment; always be sure to have a reliable form of transportation when traveling. Lyft is the perfect way to get around comfortably and safely. Additionally, since your drivers will most likely be locals, consider chatting them up about things to do in the area! This is one of the most well know travel apps aside from Uber.

6. Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon)

Foodies rejoice! Zomato is your one-stop-shop for restaurant reviews! Again, simply allow the app to utilize your location and you’ll soon be given a list of eateries near you. You can view the menu, call the establishment, and read what other patrons thought about the place. Each restaurants’ page has their hours listed along with their main cuisine and an estimate of average cost. Everything you need to know for a night out whether you’re at home or across the country.

7. Turo

This application is an entirely new take on car rental. Instead of going to a company, you can book a car from local vehicle owners. You can denote the time you will need the vehicle instead of a rental company telling you how long you can have it. Additionally, each owner sets their price per night so finding a decent car in your range is simple! Each vehicle’s page tells you how many it seats and even what the MPG is. It’s easy to see why Turo is becoming so popular, give it a shot next time you’re away from home! One of the best travel apps for sure!

8. Hopper

Hopper predicts the future…of flight prices! Input your locations and dates and let “the bunny” take over. The app will watch your flight until you are ready to book and send you notifications each time the price drops. Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me.

9. ParkAdvisor

If you grew up camping as I did, this is the application for you. One click shows you their distance and amenities, click again and you can be on their official website. If you’re ideal vacation is in an RV, don’t leave your home without ParkAdvisor.

10. Friend Locator

In the technological age, it seems as if there is nothing we cannot do. Keeping track of your friends and family is only one of the benefits of the time we live in. Simply input a phone number and easily see where that person is at any given time. When traveling any distance away from home, safety is always a must. Give yourself some peace of mind and download these travel apps before your next trip.

Enjoyed this list of Travel Apps you need for your next trip? Did I miss anything? Comment below and don’t forget to share!
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