10 Must-Have Summer Purses That You Will Want On Your Arm

With all the choices for summer purses, how do you know you are getting the must-have purses of the year? You do not want to visit a shop’s website after weeks of hesitation to find that the purse you were mulling over has now sold out. There is nothing worse than that feeling of regret and missing out on something you actually really wanted. Here are 10 purses that you will regret not having on your arm this summer so you should absolutely run out to buy this.

1. Wicker Purse

This is the ultimate boho chic purse. You will probably want to go have a picnic after you purchase this purse because it is so reminiscent of the classic picnic baskets. Take this purse with you on your next tropic vacation and you might realize you did not need any of the other purses you brought along. This purse will go with anything from that flowy maxi dress for those hot summer night dinner to those cut off shorts for a beach-side day.

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2. Belt Purse

Meet the modern fanny pack. This is not only the classic traveler’s companion anymore nor is it the 90s mom’s best accessory. You will love all the designs that come with belt purse. Besides the textures and colors you can choose from, you can also transition your belt purse into a clutch in a pinch. Just think of the possibilities and the convenience you would have with this purse. No more struggling with your bag, keys, and coffee in the morning! You can tie your purse around your waist and be ready to run out the door.

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3. Bucket Purse

Sometimes, we do not need the biggest tote bags and even a middle-sized purse is too much. This is the perfect purse for those occasion. You can carry around your essentials without feeling weighted down by the sheer amount of stuff you lugging around to every event and location. Limiting your purse space would mean that mini lipstick collection that’s gathering inside your purse will stay home today. It can feel so freeing to be able to move around with so little material things to worry about.

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4. Geometric Purse

If you love the techno vibe or you just want a subtle shimmer to your outfit, pick up this bag! The design of this purse is so unique and different from other popular bags on the market. Not only will this purse add some edge and style to your casual summer outfits but it is fun to just look at. You will be mesmerized by the geometric design and the shifting colors.

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5. Leather Circle Purse

You still want the boho vibes but your style leans more towards countryside chic instead of tropical beachy. This purse is exactly what you need. The textures and color contrast makes this bag more subtly interesting and fun. You will love how cute this will look with jean shorts, white top, and those hiking boots. It’s the perfect purse if you want to be outside with the trees and the mountains rather than sitting by the pool.

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6. Transparent Purse

This purse means that you have no secrets and you are not afraid to show it. Jump in on the transparent trend with this purse and you can show everyone that you do not care what they think about all the stuff you care. Let the haters hate because you are rocking this trend and you look fantastic in your outfit with this awesome accessory.

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7. Faux Animal Print Purse

Get wild with this next purse because animal print is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. You can choose from all different types of animal print from snakeskin to cheetah print. This is a classic print and you can treat it as a fun neutral that will just add a little more fun to your outfit.

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8. Structured Satchel

Do you prefer clean lines and stiff material? Summer can be overrun with flimsy totes and the bohemian spirit but you still deserve a purse that will match your classic and structured style. Grab this color block satchel in these neutral colors. It might not have tassels or woven fabric but these neutral colors will still work your summer color palette. You can elevate your summer look with this purse and you can still look put together in that flowy little white dress.

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9. Minimalist Purse

Summer is a great time to pile on the tassels, the pom poms, and the glitter. But those aren’t your only options. Choose this minimalist purse with its clean surface and its simple metal design. If you find that other bags look too busy, this purse will definitely be eye-pleasing. This is the purse that will blend into your outfit rather than the center of attention.

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10. Holographic Purse

Can a girl ever have too much shimmer and shine? Hope on the holographic trend and get this sheer, holographic purse. Not only does it also follow the transparent trend slightly, but it looks so cool and fun with its shifting colors. Don’t worry about your purse clashing your outfit. This purse is multi-colored and will go with everything.

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What are your favorite summer purses? Tell us in the comments.

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