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10 Must-Have Purchases For Your First Apartment

10 Must-Have Purchases For Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is not only a big step but an exhilarating time. Knowing a few must-have purchases will make this transition much easier. Some are necessities, while others are more for making your apartment feel like home. Oftentimes, we are so focused on buying new things for our apartment that once we move in, it doesn’t feel like home, but a stranger’s apartment you’re staying at. Knowing how to create your own personal space that is unique while reminding you of home is the perfect way to prepare for being an adult!

1. Extra Lighting

Having extra lighting in your apartment will make it feel way more like home and create a more comfortable atmosphere. You want to have a relaxed feeling to your apartment, the lighting you will have won’t do the job. Adding a few lamps around the living room and bedroom or placing string lights on the ceiling walls will make the room and entire apartment much more inviting. You can even put colored lighting in your apartment, so you change the settings for different aesthetics!

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2. Mattress Topper

Unless you are buying all the furniture for your first apartment, chances are your mattress won’t be the most comfortable one out there. Having a mattress topper for your first night in your new home will be crucial if this is the case. You can find inexpensive ones if you know your apartment will be a temporary home or spend a little more money on a nicer. Invest in a longer-lasting mattress topper if you are in this apartment for a long time.

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3. Kitchen Essentials

Whether you buy a brand new set or just a few basic materials, getting kitchen essentials is a must-have purchase. If you love to cook, you’ll probably want to buy more than the average 18-20-year-old. But, if you don’t cook that often, grabbing some basic essentials will suffice for the time being. Getting a utensil set, silverware set, plates, bowls, a pot, and a pan will get you through the beginning of living on your own.

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4. Extra Storage

Buying anything that will provide you with some extra storage needs to be a must-have purchase on your apartment shopping list. Oftentimes, we overpack or overshop for our first apartment. So you might want some extra storage space available for things you’re not quite sure what to do with just yet. If you need a TV stand or dresser, try and find one with built-in storage. If not, go with small decorative baskets that can be put on high-up shelves to avoid taking up a lot of space.

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5. Wall Decor

Having some wall decor in your first home will immediately make the place more inviting. You can make your own artwork, purchase from someone on sites like Etsy and Big Cartel, or just shop for some wall decor at your local home goods store. This is a simple addition to the apartment that will make it feel much more inviting for everyone!

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6. Houseplants

Buying some houseplants will make your apartment feel comfortable and look more open. If it’s your first time having plants to take care of, look up some basic, low-maintenance houseplants that won’t require a lot of work. Once you’ve built up your confidence taking care of plants, add some more that require a little more care. This is a really fun way to decorate your first apartment and make space feel more like home!

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7. Water Filter

Having a water filter in your first apartment can sometimes be overlooked, but it really is an essential purchase before moving in. Regardless of where you live, having purified, clean drinking water will always be better than having to buy water bottles constantly or only drinking from the tap. If you want one that goes in the fridge, it’s really an easy purchase to get your hands on. Another option is the style that goes directly attached to the sink. Both are reasonable prices and well worth getting for your first apartment!

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8. Toolkit

Now, this must-have purchase isn’t one of the more exciting ones on the list, yet it’s still very important to have on your shopping list. If you are a handy-man or not, you will still need some basic tools around your apartment. A basic hammer, screwdriver, and some heavy-duty scissors will suffice for the time being. Having just a few basic tools on hand will be important for any emergency that needs immediate assistance. Other than that, you shouldn’t have to worry about having too many tools to work within your apartment.

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9. Cleaning Supplies

Again, a not so exciting purchase, but a necessary one for your first apartment. Regardless of if you are told the apartment has been cleaned before you move in, you’ll still want to wipe it down and make sure the overall apartment is good to go before moving in. Then, with a day or two of moving in and going in and outside all day, you will want to be able to clean up your apartment immediately. Grab some basic cleaning supplies so you can be prepared right off the bat!

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10. Something That Reminds You Of Home

This last item on our list isn’t so much of a purchase as it is more of a necessity to bring to your first apartment. Out of all the must-have items for your first apartment, something that reminds you of home should be a top priority. We get so excited about all the new things we will be buying to decorate and fill up our new apartment; we forget about making it feel like home. Find something from your childhood that just makes you smile and remember to bring it to your first home away from home.

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Which of these must-have purchases will you be implementing into your first apartment? Share with us in the comments below!

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