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10 Must-Have Items To Style Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. From family gatherings, to hanging out with friends, or coming home and relaxing in front of your television after a long day, the living room is the go-to place.

Whether it’s your very first home, or you’re redecorating, a room with such importance in our lives deserves nothing but the best when it comes to style and comfort. Here are 10 items you simply can’t pass up while styling your living room!

1. The Coffee Table

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I want to do when I get home is pour a cup of tea, and collect myself for a few moments. No matter what drink you enjoy–coffee, tea, water, pressed juice, etc., you’re going to need to set it somewhere while you drink it.

You’re also going to need somewhere to put your laptop, your phone, your homework…you get the idea. When I first moved out on my own, I thought that a coffee table would just be another piece of furniture that would take up space and serve little purpose. Do. Not. Make. My. Mistake. Go buy yourself a coffee table.

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2. The Statement Sofa

No living room is complete without comfortable seating. A quick internet search can tell you that the average time spent sitting on one sofa alone is around 6,509 hours. With that kind of time spent sitting, wouldn’t you want to make an investment in the place you sit?

It only makes sense to pick a sofa that draws your eyes and rear end to the most important part of the living room. Don’t be afraid to be bold. A vivid green or shocking pink will not only brighten the room, but adds a broader range  your decorative palette.

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3. An Out-There Ottoman

Okay, hear me out. I was once a minimalist furniture snob. I constantly found reasons to remove furniture from my living room in the pursuit of the chicest style I could. After visiting a friend and seeing the cutest rattan ottoman in their living room, and the storage space said ottoman offered, it completely changed my perspective. A place to prop your feet and store your miscellaneous living room odds and ends? Yes, please.  

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4. All. The. Blankets.

Blankets add that homey feeling every living room needs. They provide warmth, comfort, and materials to build the best rainy day fort (or any day fort) you can imagine. The softer, bigger, and fluffier, the better. Need I say more?

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5. Storage For Said Blankets

Give your blankets a cute home of their own in your living room with an eco-friendly woven basket. You can use the basket to store other things as well, like books, board games, and throw pillows. If you have kids, it is a great place to store toys they like to play with often. 

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6. Interesting Lighting

This will help set a relaxed mood in your living room. Nobody wants harsh, overhead lighting in a room that is meant to be cozy. Give yourself just the right amount of light with a carefully placed floor lamp. It will illuminate those dim corners of your living room, and you can move it wherever that extra bit of light is needed. Try pairing a floor lamp with a statement arm chair in a corner to make a welcoming reading area. 

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7. Air Purifying Plants

Plants are an inexpensive and beautiful choice to decorate your living room. They are especially ideal for the air quality of your home as well! If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! There are many different kinds of plants that will purify your air, and require little maintenance.  Pair your plant with a decorative pot or plant stand and watch it flourish! Try adding a fern, air plant, snake plant, or peace lily to your living room decor. 

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8. Abstract Art

Impress your guests and add a punch of color to your living room with an artsy abstract piece. Abstract pieces are great conversation starters. Whether you are a fan of Cubism, Surrealism, Dadaism, or another abstract art form, you can’t go wrong with a nice art print in your living room. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making a piece of your own! Throw an art party for yourself and your friends and hang your finished work in your living room. It will add a personal touch to your decor, and act as a reminder of the fun memories you made in your living room.

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9. Boozy Bar Cart

A good bar cart adds a defining air of sophistication to a living room. Whether you’re entertaining, or settling down for a nightcap, a bar cart is a perfect addition to any living room. Stock it with your preferred poison, or non-alcoholic options if that’s your preference.

Make sure to keep a cocktail book on hand as well.  Add a decanter, cocktail shaker, ice bucket, and some glasses to complete the look. Your cart and bartending skills will leave your Instagram followers envious of your photogenic drinks and living room.

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10. The Rug That Ties It All Together

Rugs are a great way to ground your space and pull your whole living room style together. There are so many ways to style your living room with rugs. Try taking rugs of different textures and patterns and layering them over your floor. Or pick out a large area rug that shares similar colors with the accent pieces of furniture in your room. If you’re feeling adventurous, try hanging a rug on your wall like a large tapestry. You will be surprised how complete your living room will feel with a nice rug.

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Have you recently redecorated? Do you have some home decor tips of your own? Share in the comments below!

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